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How to Prevent Broken Windows

Posted on March 1, 2016

window replacement in charlotte

Your windows are one of the mostimportant parts of your home—but a broken window can turn into a huge headache for everyone involved. Here are a few good ways to help you avoid emergency window replacement in Charlotte.

First of all, try to protect your windows from projectiles. One of the most common issues is with balls and sporting activities. If you live near a golf course, baseball diamond, soccer field, or other type of playing area, you might want to consider installing special screens or extremely durable windows. Another option is to plant trees, build a fence, or create some other type of barrier between your home and potential flying objects.

Another possible threat to your windows can come from storm damage. High winds can send tree branches flying at your home, and hailstones can break glass if they get large enough. If you are aware that a storm is coming, then it’s usually a good idea to cover your windows with plywood or some other material to protect them.

Of course, windows can also be broken on purpose by thieves and burglars. Take steps to protect your home from criminals by reducing the likelihood that it will be targeted—at night or when you’re away, keep your curtains closed and your blinds drawn so that no valuables will be visible to potential housebreakers. You can also get motion-sensing lights, lamp timers, advanced locks, or even a dog to help protect your home.

In the event that a window does break, you should be prepared. Find out whether your homeowner’s insurance will cover a broken window, and adjust your coverage if you think it’s necessary. You should also try to find a good, trustworthy window installer in Charlotte—it’s best to have the number of a reputable contractor on hand before anything bad happens. With a few easy precautions, protecting your windows is simple.