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Our Project Visualizer Effortlessly Allows You To View
Our Entire Product Catalog On Your Home Right Here, Right Now.

Let’s face it. You just can’t know if the materials you choose for your remodel will look good on your home until after they’re installed.

Sure, you can go through a catalog and pick product you think will look good. But there’s no way to know for sure that you’ve made the right (or wrong) decision until after those products are firmly nailed, screwed, and glued onto your home.

To eliminate this problem, we’ve partnered with design company Renoworks to develop the Project Visualizer—a revolutionary tool that instantly lets you view any product in our manufacturer catalogs directly on your home.

No more guessing, uncertainty, or worrying about whether you made the right material selections for your remodel. With our Project Visualizer, you’ll feel 110% confident you’re choosing the absolute best products for your home before installation begins.

Here’s how the Project Visualizer works:

1. Upload a photo of your home or select a sample home from our gallery.

Zen Windows NC

2. On the photo itself, click the area of the house you want for your home improvement project. (In this example photo, we’ve chosen windows.)

Zen Windows NC

3. Select the brand, type, and style of the product from our
manufacturer catalogs. You can even select the frame
type, grid type, and glass for some brands.

Zen Windows NC

4. Once you’ve made your selection, the product will appear on the photo of the home, seamlessly blending with the rest of the picture.

Zen Windows NC

5. Repeat steps 1-3 to try out hundreds of different products to discover the exact right one for your home and tastes.

It’s that easy. You can even save your designs, print them, or share them on social media to get feedback from your friends and family.

The Bottom Line: Our Project Visualizer ensures you get a project you KNOW you will absolutely love… before you commit to anything.

Go ahead and click on the button below to give our Project Visualizer a try. Once you create your perfect project, you can contact us to turn your design into stunning reality.

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