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Bow Windows In Charlotte

Considering Bow Windows For Your Charlotte Home? Here Is What You Should Know First…

Bow windows are a beautiful addition to any Charlotte home. They provide breathtaking outdoor views, amazing curb appeal, and enhanced value to your home. There really is no other window project—or home improvement project in general—like it.

To help you decide if a bow window is right for your situation, we’ve create the 2018 Homeowners Guide To Bow Windows In Charlotte. In this guide, you’ll learn the important details of bow windows and how installing one can benefit your home.

Let’s get started…

What Is A Bow Window?

Bow windows contain four to six equally-sized windows. These windows can be fixed (they cannot open) or vented (they can open). Bow windows have a one-of-a-kind “rounded” appearance that delivers fantastic curb appeal, outdoor views, and natural light.

Bow Windows Vs. Bay Windows

Many Charlotte homeowners confuse bow windows with traditional bay windows. And it’s a pretty easy mistake to make.

Both types of window extrude from the home. Both contain multiple “mini” windows. Both can create interior shelf or seating space. And both are typically grouped together on window companies’ websites and advertising materials.

If you want to get really technical, bow windows are actually a category of bay windows. There are, however, some key differences between a bow window and a traditionalbay window. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Traditional bay windows consist of three Bow windows typically have four to six windows.
  2. The middle window in a bay window is larger than the side windows and is fixed. The windows in a bow window are the same size and can be fixed or opened.
  3. Traditional bay windows are more angular. Bow windows have a curved, semi-circular shape. This allows bow windows to be wrapped around the corners of buildings and homes.
  4. Traditional bay windows tend to allow for more “shelf” space. Bow windows allow more natural light.
  5. Bow windows are typically wider than bay windows.

In a nutshell: Bow windows typically have more windows, include windows of all the same size, and are more rounded.

What Are Bow Windows Used For?

The operation of a bow window depends on the type of windows used to create it. If you choose fixed windows for your bow window, no operation is necessary. If you choose vented windows, you can open and close each individually to get the perfect amount of ventilation.

Homeowners in Charlotte install bow windows primarily for the following reasons:

  • Enhanced curb appeal.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Amazing outdoor views.
  • Plenty of sunshine.
  • A spot for decorations and plants.

Are Bow Windows Energy Efficient?

Over the past decade, windows have made great strides in energy efficiency. From multiple glass panes to advanced weather stripping to ultra-efficient spacers, today’s windows are packed with features that will help lower your energy consumption. Bow windows are no different.

The type of windows used in a bow window will determine a certain amount of energy efficiency. Fixed windows are sealed, so they will naturally provide better air-leakage protection than vented windows. That said, a professional window company will use proper installation to ensure the most airtight windows possible—even if you choose vented windows.

How Much Do Bow Windows Cost?

Bow windows are basically multiple windows wrapped into one. They also require a skilled hand for proper installation. As such, bow windows have a higher price tag than “flat” windows of similar size.

That said, homeowners who install bow windows in Charlotte unanimously find the investment more than worth it. There really is no other type of window that has the bow window’s curb appeal and unique features.

The “X”Factor: Installation

Aside from the quality of the window, the other factor that will make or break your bow window project is the company you choose to do the installation.

Make sure any Charlotte window company you’re considering has the following:

  1. Excellent customer reviews (and plenty of them)
  2. Experienced installers
  3. Proper licenses and insurance
  4. An actively-involved owner
  5. Lifetime warranties

Hiring a company that checks all five of these boxes will put the odds heavily in favor of an excellent bow window project.

Need More Details About Bow Windows?

If you’re thinking about a new bow window for your home, Request An Online Quote now. Our quote process is refreshingly different than other Charlotte window companies’. Simply fill out the form, and we’ll follow up via email or phone with a firm and accurate quote. There is no pressure. And the price we quote is good for LIFE.

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