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3 Design Trends in Replacement Windows

Shopping for replacement windows doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, your vinyl window replacement could even be a chance to get your Greensboro home on-trend. Windows are a big part of your home’s design, after all, both inside and out. With the right window design trends, you can give your home a facelift to boost your curb appeal and wow guests when you’re entertaining. Here are a few of the biggest design trends in replacement windows right now.

Extended Views

The current window design trends seem to indicate that the bigger the window, the better. Floor to ceiling windows or sliding glass doors are popular choices. Bay or bow windows — and even tall casement windows — also fit right into this trend by offering wide, sweeping views of your outdoor surroundings. While custom grilles and detailing are still popular, unobstructed, minimalist glass seems to be rising to the top. The ideal window when it comes to this trend is the kind of window you don’t even notice, you’re so busy looking through it.

Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t love saving energy? It’s a high priority for many homeowners in all aspects of their home, so it makes sense that energy efficiency is such a key trend when it comes to replacement windows. Homeowners are looking for windows that will last for years and are as tightly sealed as possible. At Zen Windows Carolina, our vinyl replacement windows have fusion welded sashes to keep air from leaking in or sneaking out. That’s something that comes in especially handy as we enter into the cooler months of the year.


One trend that many homeowners are embracing is the trend of blending their indoor and outdoor space. Patios can become a sort of extension of the living room or an added entertainment space. This can be done with patio enclosures, but that’s an expensive change and still somewhat limiting. Instead, sliding glass patio doors are taking precedence. With their full glass appearance, the indoor and outdoor living spaces are able to blend together more seamlessly. And because these doors run on a track, they protect the interior of the home securely and efficiently, while still making it easier to move from inside to outside.

Do you have any favorite replacement window trends of your own? Tell us what you’re looking for in your vinyl window replacement when you contact Zen Windows Carolina today.