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3 Easy Ways to Weatherproof Your Entry Doors

Are your entry doors starting to let in a little air and water? This is normal for older doors, and you can easily solve the problem by purchasing fully functional replacement entry doors in Charlotte. However, if you’re handy with common tools and are willing to use a little elbow grease, here are three ways you can weatherproof your entry doors yourself.

1. Attach a Bristle Sweep to the Bottom

A bristle sweep keeps air from coming under the gap beneath the door. It can be purchased from practically any hardware or home improvement store and is attached to the bottom of the door with screws. Follow installation instructions that come with the hardware to install properly. If the floor beneath your door is uneven, you may want to purchase sweeps with rollers, which compensate for uneven spots.

2. Seal Gaps With Caulk

To gap test your doors, put a plain white piece of paper between the threshold and the bottom of the door, then carefully close the door on the paper. Remove the paper by pulling it toward you slowly, then inspect it. There should be debris visible where the door seal is tight. If you notice areas with very little or no debris, caulk those areas to close up any gaps between the door and threshold. If you have large gaps, it may be time to purchase replacement entry doors in Charlotte.

3. Replace Weather Stripping

Over time, weather stripping can become damaged. When this happens, it can no longer keep out the wind and water effectively. Once damaged, weather stripping needs to be replaced. Determine what type of weather stripping you need, then install it after removing the old stripping. Start at the bottom of the door frame, then move upward while you firmly wedge the strip into the corner seam.

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