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Window Installation For Your Greensboro Home

Some Greensboro home improvement projects are best left to the professionals.

If you need new windows, it can be tempting to opt for a DIY window installation. This is even more true with insert replacement windows, because from an outside perspective, it looks so easy. It’s just a matter of getting a replacement window of the right size, taking the old window out and popping the new window in, right? Unfortunately, there’s much more to window installation than that, and many homeowners who attempt a DIY job soon find themselves overwhelmed. Here’s why window installation just might be better left to the professionals.

Energy Efficiency

There are several energy efficient window options available today. At Zen Windows Carolina, we offer some top notch options like our Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus windows. However, even the best energy efficient window won’t offer you the energy efficiency it’s meant to if it’s installed incorrectly. If your measurements aren’t meticulously precise, even the most insulating window will allow air to leak through. A poor installation will also cause potential damage to the window itself, so you may find yourself getting a new energy efficient window in a few years when the current one breaks down.

Fortunately, with a professional window installation, you have a crew who does this kind of thing every day. Precise measurements are second nature to them, and they know all the signs of trouble to avoid in order to ensure the best energy efficiency from your window.

Window Advances

You can learn everything online today, right? And if you’re watching a Youtube tutorial for window installation from a window professional, that should give you all the information you need to do your own window installation, right? Well, not exactly. There’s one thing video tutorials don’t take into account, and that’s the constant advancement of window technology. A window recommended in one tutorial might have been the cutting edge at the time, but now it’s rather outdated. This up-to-date information is the kind of thing you can only get by talking to a professional live, which is why it’s best to hire one from the get-go.


Even if you’ve installed windows before and feel that you know what you’re doing, accidents happen. In fact, accidents happen to professionals all the time. The difference is that window professionals are properly insured, including professional liability insurance and workers compensation, to cover these accidents without you being held liable. If you have an accident on a DIY project, you’re the one who will have to pay for it — killing the perceived cost-effectiveness of a DIY project. However, keep in mind that window professionals aren’t legally required to be insured, though most are. Always check before you hire a window professional to be sure that they’re insured and bonded.

Even if you’re particularly handy yourself, a professional window installation can offer unbeatable confidence that the job will be done correctly by an expert crew who does this every day. Contact Zen Windows Carolina today for more information or a free quote on your window installation.

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