3 Reasons to Choose Our Sliding Glass Patio Doors

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Sliding Glass Patio Doors Greensboro

When it comes to sliding glass patio doors, it’s hard to beat Dharma from Zen Windows.

Combining your indoor living space with your outdoor living space through the convenience and extended views of a sliding glass patio door is a great way to appreciate the late summer and early autumn. If you’re searching for the right sliding glass patio doors for your Greensboro home, the answer is Dharma patio doors from Zen Windows. We’re confident in our sliding glass patio doors because with their durability, efficiency, and customization options, they can suit just about any home in need of sliding glass patio doors.

Plenty of Style Options

Dharma patio doors are always stylish, with sleek glass and a smooth frame. However, we know that one style does not suit all homes, which is why you can find a number of customizable options for your Dharma patio doors. We have a variety of color options for vinyl frames as well as authentic looking woodgrain interior options. Window grids can be contoured or flat and are installed between the panes of glass, making the glass that much easier to clean. You can choose signature door handles, too, to give your sliding glass patio doors a more classic, French door appearance. You can even add decorative glass for an extra wow factor.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important to patio doors. The amount of light that shines through the glass can help you to light your room during the day without the help of electric lighting. The track nature of sliding glass patio doors offer a more secure insulation. Dharma patio doors take it a few steps further — so much so, in fact, that the manufacturer, Soft-Lite, has been named an Energy Star Partner of the Year five years in a row. These windows include UltraSmart triple-fin weatherstripping, comfort foam, and double-insulating low-e glass. And of course, they’re vinyl patio doors, offering excellent thermal resistance in that way alone.

Lasts for Decades

No one wants a sliding glass door that’s just going to fall apart, and that’s not what you’ll find with the Dharma patio door. Besides the natural flexibility and durability of vinyl, there are several features that add to the durability of these patio doors. Features like metal reinforcement, corrosive-resistant ball-bearing, and an aluminium-capped threshold to keep down wear from foot traffic. There are also security features like a two-point locking system in order to ensure that the patio doors continue to protect your home for as long as you have them.

In terms of efficiency, durability, and style, Dharma windows are simply unbeatable. Contact Zen Windows Carolina today for more information.

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