4 Reasons Summer Is The Best Season To Get New Patio Doors In Charlotte

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Considering Replacement Patio Doors This Summer?

Here’s Why It’s The Perfect Time To Upgrade. 

If you’ve been considering patio door replacement in Charlotte, summer is one of the best times to take the plunge.

Upgrading your patio doors in the summer offers a number of advantages. From lowering your air-conditioning bills to impressing houseguests, new patio doors provide many benefits homeowners love.

Let’s take a look at some 4 of those benefits in more detail…

  1. Lower Energy Bills

Few things increase your energy bills as much as your air conditioner. If you have older patio doors, you’re only adding on to the amount you pay in utilities every month.

Why? Patio doors contain a lot of glass. If you have old patio doors, the glass probably isn’t as efficient as the glass that comes in today’s patio doors. The heat from the outside more easily transfers to the inside of your home, making it harder for your home to remain a comfortable temperature. This is especially true if the sun hits your windows directly during any part of the day—that direct heat from the sun will cut right through your patio doors’ glass.

New patio doors come with features like stainless steel spacer systems, triple-fin weather stripping, gas between the panes, and multiple panes of glass. Each of these features is designed to keep inside temperatures INSIDE and outside temperatures OUT.

Bottom line: With new patio doors, your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard during the summer. You’ll experience lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

  1. Impress Guests At Get-Togethers

If you hold summer outdoor parties and barbeques at your home, new patio doors are a great way to make an impression on houseguests. Modern patio doors tend to have a sleeker, more elegant appearance than patio doors made even just 10 years ago. New patio doors can come with many great design options, including glass grids, interior woodgrain colors, beautiful handles and accessories, and much more.

  1. Better Outdoor Views

As mentioned above, today’s patio doors often have a slimmer frame and more glass area than old patio doors (this is especially true for sliding glass patio doors). This allows for better, more expansive views of your backyard.

While this is an advantage during any season, better views during the summer hold a special place. You’ll be able to watch your children play, have an amazing view of your pool, or watch your garden blossom.

  1. Quicker, More Pleasant Installation

Upgrading your patio doors in Charlotte during the summer holds certain advantages, installation-wise. Since the weather is warm and there is relatively little rain, there is less likely to be a weather delay on your installation.

In addition, replacing patio doors during warm months makes for a more comfortable experience. While the installers are replacing your patio doors, you’ll essentially have a gaping hole in your home. If you were to install patio doors during the winter, this would make for some frigid temperatures inside your home.

Want An Online Quote On Patio Doors In Charlotte?

At Zen Windows, we provide ONLINE quotes on superior sliding glass patio doors for Charlotte homeowners.

To get an online quote, simply take 5 minutes to fill out our Quote Form. Once we have your info, we’ll follow up with a firm and accurate emailed quote within one business day. We’ll also provide you with some information about our patio doors and how we work.

That’s all there is to it. There is no sales pitch. There is no in-home appointment. And there certainly is no pressure or pricing games. That’s a promise.

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