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5 Benefits Of Replacement Casement Windows In Charlotte

Replacement Casement Windows Hold Unique Advantages Over Other Popular Window Styles. 

Lets Explore Those Advantages To See If Casement Windows Are Right For Your Home.

Replacement casement windows come with a unique set of benefits that Charlotte homeowners love. From great outdoor views to superior energy efficiency, replacement casement windows are a great choice if you’re looking for a window that delivers excellence in several key categories.

What Is A Replacement Casement Window?

A casement window is hinged on one side of the frame and opens outward. You open and close the window with a crank or lever located at the bottom of the frame. Casement windows are versatile, so Charlotte homeowners install them just about everywhere in their homes.

Let’s now explore 5 benefits that make many Charlotte homeowners choose replacement casement windows…

Benefit #1: Pure, Unimpeded Outdoor Views

Unlike many other types of windows, casement windows have an unobstructed glass viewing area. Casement windows don’t have meeting rails (like double-hung windows) or muntins (those intersecting strips that divide the panes of glass in a window). This makes replacement casement windows an excellent choice if you have a particularly gorgeous view outside your home.

Benefit #2: Good For Hard-To-Reach Areas

Though replacement casement windows are versatile and can be installed anywhere, they are especially great for areas that are hard to reach. Since the operational crank is located at the bottom, you can install casement windows over kitchen sinks, countertops, and anywhere else higher up in your home. 

Benefit #3: Excellent Safety = Peace Of Mind

Casements are some of the best windows if you want to protect your home. The lock on a casement window is shaped like a hook and embedded in the frame from the inside. In other words—a casement window CANNOT be unlocked from the outside of your home.

Another security advantage of casement windows is their lack of moving parts. Moving parts means fewer “weak spots”for intruders to exploit. There is no chance of a would-be intruder prying open a replacement casement window.

One safety advantage of casement windows that isn’t well known is that they meet egress laws. Egress laws dictate the size of a window that can be used as an emergency exit. Since casement windows open all the way, they easily meet egress laws. This makes casement windows an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms.

Benefit #4: One Of The Most Energy Efficient Windows

When shut, replacement casement windows form a tight, energy efficient seal. A lack of moving parts means there are no areas of the window that are vulnerable to air leakage. Outside of fixed windows (windows that don’t open), casements are typically the most energy efficient type of window.

Of course, the quality of the window itself will ultimately determine how much you save on your energy bills. Read our post about window energy efficiency to educate yourself on what to look for in an energy efficient window.

Benefit #5: Catch Outdoor Breezes From Almost Any Angle

Replacement casement windows tend to provide better air flow than other popular window styles like double-hung and slider windows. Because casement windows open from the side, they catch outdoor breezes from many angles. The open sash can also act as a sort of “funnel,”as the wind hits the sash and moves into your home.

Want More Info About Replacement Casement Windows In Charlotte?

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