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Quality Window and Door Replacement Charlotte

Here Is How To Ensure You Get The Best Window And Door Project For Your Money.

Getting window and door replacement in the Charlotte area can be a surprisingly high-stress experience. There are many variables that impact the quality of the outcome and your level of satisfaction, including products, the contractor you choose, and even the timing of the project.

With that in mind, here are 5 steps to help ensure you get the best results from your window and door replacement…

Step 1: Determining If The Time (And Your Budget) Is Right

Most homeowners know when it’s time to replace their windows and doors. The proverbial “straws that break the camel’s back” include drafts, high energy bills, poor operation, and deteriorating appearance.

But knowing it’s time to replace your windows or doors and actually deciding to do it are very different things. Even if you’re experiencing all of the problems listed above, it can be hard to take that first step toward replacement. Things like your finances, finding the right products, and choosing a contractor can all make homeowners freeze in their tracks and put off their projects.

We’ll come to selecting products and a contractor in a second. For now, let’s focus on your budget. If you’re unsure whether you can comfortably afford new windows and doors, get quotes from a few different companies. Prices for replacement windows and doors in Charlotte are all over the map, so it’s a good idea to do your due diligence on how much contractors in the area are charging.

With regards to paying for replacement windows and doors, there is an option many homeowners don’t consider: Financing. If you don’t have all of the cash on hand to pay at once—or simply don’t want to pay all at once—some window and door replacement contractors offer financing. With today’s financing options, you can typically find a plan that fits comfortably within your budget that has little to no interest accumulation. Applying for financing typically requires no obligation. And getting a decision is often quick and easy.

To recap: If you’re unsure whether replacement windows and doors are currently in your budget, you should 1) get multiple quotes and 2) check out the different financing options companies offer you.

Step Two: Figuring Out What Products You Want

The quality of replacement windows and doors varies wildly. Some are good. Some are great. Others are awful.

Every homeowner looks for the following qualities in replacement windows and doors:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Looks

The question is… how do you know which products will provide these qualities (along with whatever else you’re looking for)?

Let’s break it down…

Energy Efficiency: Quality replacement windows and doors will protect your home from unwanted outdoor temperatures and help lower your energy bills. There are requirements for windows and doors to be considered energy efficient. For a look at those requirements, read the following articles: Window Energy Efficiency and Door Energy Efficiency.

Durability & Performance: We’ll group these two together because the indicators for both are similar. You want to know how long the manufacturer has been in business, the reputation they’ve built, and what kind of warranty comes with the product. In a nutshell, if the manufacturer provides a lengthy warranty and has built themselves a great reputation over the years, you can feel confident that their products are high quality.

Looks: This one seems pretty obvious. You’re probably thinking, “If I like the way the window/door looks, that’s all that matters.” That is 100% true. But different brands have different style options and colors. You want to explore the alternatives out there, so you can ensure you get the best looking windows and doors for your home. For more on that, let’s move to step three.

Step Three: Determining How The Products Will Look On Your Home

Let’s say you’ve fallen head over heels for a particular window or door. While you may love the look of the product in a catalog, brochure, or showroom, you might find that you don’t like it quite so much when it’s installed on your home.

We’ve heard many stories of homeowners who fell in love with a window or door on a website or in a catalog only to be disappointed with it once it was installed. This is why it’s important to find a company that 1) provides plenty of design options and 2) helps you understand how the products will look on your home.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which products are right for your home, move on to step four. A good, customer-oriented replacement window and door contractor will guide you to the right choice.

Step Four: Finding The Right Contractor

The contractor you choose for your window and door replacement will make or break your project. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know what to look for in a quality contractor due to the home improvement industry’s poor reputation.

When choosing a contractor, you want to consider the following…

  • Track Record: Any contractor you’re thinking of hiring should have a good reputation. This includes plenty of great online reviews, customer references, and industry accolades and recognition. Contractors with good track records are more likely to demonstrate professionalism and have financial stability.
  • Approach To Sales Pressure: A pushy sales process says a lot about a contractor. If they try to pressure you into buying, it’s a sign that they care about profits over their customers. Look for contractors who seem genuinely interested in HELPING you find the right solution… not the contractors who are only interested in their bottom line.
  • Length Of Warranties: Replacement window and door contractors who truly believe in their products and workmanship will stand by them. Choose a contractor who provides lengthy (preferably lifetime) fine print-free warranties on both labor and materials.

Step Five: Knowing What Happens After The Project

Once you’ve had your dream replacement windows and doors installed by a qualified contractor, it’s time to enjoy your updated home. But there is always a chance—no matter how high quality the products or installation—that an issue may occur down the line.

This is why it’s important to review the details of your warranty with your contractor. You want to know who to call if you have a problem, how long your coverage is for, and if there are any exclusions, trip charges, or prorating. (A good contractor will have reviewed this with you prior to finishing your project.)

And going back to step four, you also want to know that the contractor will be around in case you do need service work. That’s why it’s important to do your due diligence on a contractor’s reputation, years in business, and stability.

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