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Getting new windows is a huge undertaking. The level of quality available on the market today means your choice for new windows will last a long time. That means you need a color that works in all seasons and stands the test of time. Enter beige. Turning each window in your home into a beige vinyl window in Charlotte may be the answer you’re looking for if you want lasting style.

Looks Warm in Winter

Since beige is neutral, it can look cool or warm depending on the surrounding colors. During the white and gray colors of winter, your windows look warm and cozy. Each vinyl window in Charlotte coordinates with a winter wonderland when it’s beige.

Goes With Everything in Spring

Spring is an explosion of color, and a neutral beige window won’t class with whatever is growing in your garden. If you aren’t growing a colorful garden but are still dressing up your home for spring, beige works with whatever color scheme you have in mind.

Needs Little Maintenance in Summer

Summer is a time for fun and vacations. You won’t have to worry about your windows while you’re gone since beige doesn’t fade easily. On top of that, if your beige window is a vinyl window in Charlotte, the color is added right into the material. You can take your vacation and know that your windows just need a once over with a hose to look their best.

Perfect in Fall

Beautiful fall colors pair well with beige. This pale color can take on the aspect of birch when you add some red, orange and gold leaves as decoration. If you’re getting ready for Halloween, beige is also just dark enough to show through some fake cobwebs, making them subtly scary.

Beige window frames are timeless. Zen Windows also offers other colors sure to delight. Call out office at 877.572.2988 to find out more.

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