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May 10, 2017
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When it comes time to look for window replacement in Charlotte, you may find yourself wanting a different style of window than what your home came with. Awning windows are a distinctive choice with a number of advantages. An awning window opens outward with a hinge at the top, in contrast to most other window types that slide open. There are some particular traits that make awning windows worth considering.

Because awning windows open from the top, they create an overhang that can protect from inclement weather while still allowing air to flow up and into the building. The awning will block most rain and minimize or eliminate leakage. This means you can get a breath of fresh air in the room even if the weather isn’t ideal outside. The design also seals well when closed, so you can fully control the ventilation through the space.

Another thing you may note as you shop for awning windows in Charlotte is that they’re typically smaller than other window designs, and they can be safely placed higher in a wall. This provides full ventilation and natural light without compromising privacy. They also take up little space on the interior of the room, giving more flexibility to use the wall space as you wish. Awning windows are a good choice in bedrooms and bathrooms because of this.

Awning windows still allow strong customization in appearance, with contractors offering various materials for frames, finishes for style and protection, premium or decorative glass, and more. Newer designs allow for customizing the hinges too, to adjust how the window opens. An awning window can be an attractive contemporary fixture on top of being functional.

For new windows, shopping around for awning windows in Charlotte can be rewarding. You’ll find yourself a fixture that can provide ventilation regardless of weather and grants more freedom in design space, offering unique form and function alike.

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