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When shopping for replacement windows for your home, it can be difficult to understand all the different styles available. Windows can be single or double hung, casement or awning, bow or garden: the sheer range of variations can feel overwhelming. Awning windows in Charlotte offer several advantages and are a good choice for many homeowners.

Awning windows are hinged at the top, so they open outwards much like an awning would over a shop window. One distinct advantage to this type of opening is that it allows ventilation to enter your home even during inclement weather like rain. Because the window itself acts like a shade and the rain rolls off the top, you can get fresh air in your home without getting the interior wet.

Awning windows in Charlotte have low air leakage rates. That means they’re airtight and sealed against the elements. This helps energy efficiency in your home and can reduce heating and cooling bills. Additionally, modern windows come with a special low-emissivity coating, which insulates them better than traditional glass by reducing ultraviolet and infrared light without reducing visibility.

Because these windows are smaller and lighter than other types, they can be placed higher up on the wall. This gives you a broader range of design options. It also allows you to ventilate a room while protecting privacy. You can really get creative when designing with this type of window.

You don’t have to compromise on safety and security with awning windows, either. Since these windows open from the inside only, they already have a built-in deterrent. Modern awning windows can also come equipped with multi-point locking systems.

Awning windows in Charlotte are a great design option many homeowners. With their top hinges that provide ventilation even in wet weather, as well as their lighter and smaller size, they offer a flexible and versatile way to replace windows in your home.

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