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The Advantages of Fiberglass Doors

In the old days, fiberglass meant merely functional. These doors had the reputation of being durable and able to weather any storm but were also considered boring and merely functional. Those days are over. Fiberglass entry doors in Charlotte can take on the appearance of a number of higher-cost materials, such as wood, at a fraction of the price and with greater durability.

Resistant to Damage

Fiberglass doors are famously resistant to damage, and that is the main reason many people prefer them. Few things can wreck the appearance of an otherwise attractive exterior than a door that has seen better days. Fiberglass entry doors in Charlotte have the advantage of providing protection without wearing out. You can use a fiberglass door for decades without needed a replacement.


Fiberglass no longer needs to look synthetic. It can mimic the grainy look of fine wood, and many replacement door companies have a generous selection of fiberglass doors that can appear indistinguishable for wood or metal. These doors also hold paint well and can be sold in almost any color. You can find standard fiberglass doors or choose custom-made varieties that can give your home a unique look.


Your heating or air conditioning can work hard, but unfortunately, much of the warm or cold air produced can end up literally going out the door. This is true not only when the door is actually opened, but if the door is not solid enough, air can easily escape through the sides. Fiberglass provides a strong seal that can prevent drafts when it is closed and can keep the interior of the home at a reasonable temperature.

Fiberglass is a favorite choice of door material and for good reason. It is versatile enough to take on the appearance of wood or metal and can blend in with your exterior decor. Fiberglass doors also provide security and insulation that can keep your house comfortable all year round.