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February 18, 2016
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Advantages of a New Bay Window

Found in both Victorian homes as well as modern structures, bay windows have been an aesthetically pleasing element to homes far and wide. A new bay window in Charlotte would look wonderful over any sink or tub in the house. In a bedroom setting, they can add a luxurious reading nook or a place to gaze at the stars. In a dining room, the view from the table can be greatly enhanced with this type of window.

It’s a great way to create a mini atrium in your own home. Fill the bay window’s space in a living room with beautiful potted plants or create a wonderfully functional culinary herb garden in your kitchen. The multiple windows will let in plenty of sunlight for your thriving, small-scale greenhouse.

Installing a beautiful new bay window in Charlotte can provide several advantages to you as a homeowner. Let’s start with how they’re made and how they work. They’re usually constructed of 3 to 5 pieces that are fitted together to form a 3D window. This window can be single or double hung, all with the option of opening from the top or the sides. Once installed, the window sticks out from the exterior walls of the home. Although a bit costly, the advantages of having a new bay window in Charlotte are numerous:

  • They add value to the selling price of the home
  • They add up to 3 feet of width to any room
  • Extra storage space can be gained by adding a bench seat with a compartment
  • More ventilation is possible with so much surface area in a bay window
  • A bay window in Charlotte will increase the amount of natural sunlight allowed into your home, but it can keep the heat out as long as you use energy-efficient glass

Customizing your home starts by calling a professional for a free estimate. Whether or not you plan to sell your home, when you add value to it, you’ll add quality to your life.

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