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Awning Windows Are A Perfect Fit For Your Bathroom Remodel In Greensboro

Of the many bathroom features that you are considering for your bathroom remodel, one that often gives homeowners pause for thought is the windows. Bathroom windows must provide ventilation and also privacy without sacrificing beauty. Thankfully, there is an option that delivers everything on the list. Awning windows just might be the answer that you are looking for in a perfect bathroom window in Greensboro. 

Maximum Ventilation

Awning windows get their name from the way that they open, like an awning, because they are hinged from the top and swing open outward. This allows for maximum ventilation making them ideal for rooms like the bathroom – where opening a window for fresh air isn’t a preference, but a necessity. Another great feature of awning windows is that they are opened with a crank or lever – which makes them extremely easy to open, even in hard to reach areas. You might also consider awning windows in your kitchen remodel, as well.

Open While Raining

There are, on average, 73 days of precipitation each year in Greensboro. Added together, that totals ten weeks out of the year that some form of precipitation is falling. No matter what the weather outside, if you install awning windows in your home in Greensboro, you will still be able to open them whenever you choose, rain or shine. Because of the unique design of awning windows, you will not need to worry about rain coming into your home even when the windows are open.

Unique and Stylish Look

Awning windows have a stylish look, unlike other windows. They open outward which gives your home a distinct look on the outside that cannot be accomplished with other window styles. This window style is complimentary on contemporary, Victorian, ranch-style, and traditional homes of any kind.

Awning Windows For Privacy

Because they can be placed higher on the wall of any room and still be easily accessible in order to open and close them, awning windows are a great way to provide excellent natural lighting without sacrificing privacy. When you choose Zen Windows to install your windows in Greensboro, you can choose our obscure privacy glass option which is perfect in bathrooms. You can view samples of this specialized glass in our privacy glass gallery.

More Secure

Choosing awning windows for your home in Greensboro adds an additional level of security to your home, as well. They are designed to seal tightly when closed, and the outside of the window becomes completely flush – making them virtually impossible to break into. This deters burglars and keeps your home safer.

When you choose your awning windows from Zen Windows in Greensboro, you are getting a top quality window at an affordable price. Your window buying experience with Zen Windows will be unlike that of any other window company. We do things differently. We believe the window buying experience can be stress-free and enjoyable, and that’s how we approach each and every project that we do. Zen Windows in Greensboro even offers a free, five-minute quote. If you think that awning windows just might be the perfect windows for your home, contact us today or go online for your no-obligation quote now.