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If you’re considering new windows, there’s no reason to stick with the same single or double hung options that are already in your home. There are many other types of windows which add value to your home and increase your viewing pleasure. A garden window for a Charlotte home is one that extends outward from the building with a sloped glass roof. Typically, it has at least four panes and at least one shelf. These windows are highly versatile with many advantages.

Advantages of Garden Windows

  • Garden windows in Charlotte let more light into your home. In the winter, this can help ward off seasonal affective disorder. Light makes tasks easier and more enjoyable, no matter what room you’re in.
  • Natural light also has aesthetic benefits. It adds another dimension to your style.
  • You have space for herbs and small plants. Garden windows can give you a greenhouse effect without installing another room in your home.
  • Enjoy the view with a garden window better than you can with other styles of windows. The viewing space is so much bigger, and you can even see the sky through the top pane of glass.
  • Garden windows add style to your home, both on the inside and outside. You can easily change the decorations to match the season to your heart’s delight.

Replacement windows are a great way to increase the value of your home, whether you plan to sell in the next year or two or not. With energy-efficient windows, you will most likely see a decrease in your utility bills, which is another benefit of installing new windows. We recommend replacing your windows every 15 to 20 years. Seals deteriorate over time. Newer materials are designed for greater efficiency. Worn windows detract from the beauty of your home.

Zen Windows offers free estimates for window replacement. Call our office at 877-572-2988 to learn more about a garden window in Charlotte and what it will do for your home.

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