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Best Practices for Cleaning Your Residential Windows in Charlotte

You take pride in your home. You generally like to keep it clean and tidy. However, if you are like most people, there is one area of your home that likely gets neglected when it comes time to cleaning: the windows. Here are some tips to make this particular chore a little bit easier to deal with, resulting in cleaner, glossier residential windows in Charlotte.

Steamed Up Windows

Depending on the efficiency of your home, and the placement of your windows in relation to bathrooms or kitchens, you might have windows that get steamy and foggy. Cleaning these areas can get difficult because of the likelihood of them streaking right away. Add a small amount of glycerin to your window washing fluid to reduce fogginess in the future and keep streaks at bay. Another thing you can do is make sure that any ventilation you have in your home that pushes moist air out is functioning properly and any filters have been replaced.

Streaky Windows

No matter how hard you try and what products you use, it might seem like there are always streaks left behind on your residential windows in Charlotte. To beat the streaks, wash your windows with vertical strokes on one side and horizontal strokes on the other. This will help you identify which side the streak is on so that if you spot an unsightly streak you can take care of it right away knowing which side of the window you need to get to work on.

Unconventional Cleaning Product

You are probably using a dry rag or a paper towel to wash your windows. Using a dry cloth will likely leave lint on your windows, and using a paper towel may leave a residue. For less streak and a more sparkly clean, use a newspaper with just a little bit of window cleaner. Using too much cleaner can leave a residue and unsightly streaks.

Remember that different windows may require different methods and equipment to clean. Talk to a window contractor about the best maintenance tips for your new residential windows in Charlotte.