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You can have the trendiest house on the block when purchasing your new home windows in Charlotte, so long as you keep up with what’s hot. This year has seen a little of the same from last and a few new things. To get your home ready to show inside and out, here’s a look at what everyone wants.

Contrasting Textures

Contrast draws the eye and is very popular in homes right now. This doesn’t mean each side of your window frame is different, it means choosing window dressings that contrast with the texture of your windows. If your vinyl windows have a wood grain, choose a dressing that’s smooth and modern. For slick-textured windows, try a course-weave curtain or bamboo.

Pour on the Color

2017 is the year of color and your new home windows in Charlotte are no exception. The great thing about vinyl is you can choose from multiple colors that are fully integrated into the material. They’ll stand out and last with very little maintenance by you.

Another popular color option is a bit of stained glass. You can use this in smaller additions, such as transoms and sidelights. Smaller windows are a great place to add that extra bit of color that draws a second look.

Super Functionality

One trend that hasn’t faded is extra functionality in your windows. For example, double-hung and casement windows feature the kind of mobility that makes them easy to clean and take control of your air flow. Garden windows are also a big hit since they’re small enough to go over your kitchen sink but also extend outward so you can grow herbs or flowers with ease.

There’s your look at the hottest window trends of 2017. Your new home windows in Charlotte will be the talk of the neighborhood if you adhere to any of these trends. To get the best windows for your home, call Zen Windows at 877.572.2988.

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