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Spring Freshness

There is something about springtime that makes everyone a little more optimistic and energized. If you want to bring that feeling of spring freshness to your home, replacement windows in Greensboro can do just that. Spring has a way of flying by, and summer is right around the corner with its busy entertainment and fun. Like Spring makes us feel fresh and new, Summer sends our thoughts to the outdoors. The best way to bring the outside in is with replacement windows. You might be looking forward to that summer cookout with family and friends, but sometimes Mother Nature isn’t always gentle with our Spring and Summer plans; let alone the issue of itchy bug bites. The best way to overcome these issues is to give your home a connection with the outdoors.

The View

Maybe you are lucky and have a home built with a wonderful view, but your current windows don’t showcase that view. You can make your view the center of attention when you walk into your home with replacement windows in Greensboro. The difference a view makes in the value alone of your home is amazing. Everyone wants to have a gorgeous view. Nothing brings the outdoors into your home like a view does.


Maybe you want to find more space in your home. Replacement windows are a great way to add more space. A bay window will give an unused, plain wall a whole new feeling of spaciousness. You can spend an afternoon reading in your new bay window nook in your master suite. You can sit and visit with a friend over a cup of coffee in the new space of your bay window in your kitchen. You can give the illusion of space by opening up a room with replacement windows and also adding a transom window above to make your room look taller.

Keeping Your Cool

As Spring arrives, the temperatures rise. When Summer comes the temperatures really rise. To combat the rise in temperature, replacement windows are a must. The addition of different kinds of windows will give your home more ventilation. A bay window, for example, can give you air coming from three different directions so you never miss that cool summer breeze.You can lower your cooling costs and keep your home at a more comfortable temperature with energy-efficient windows.


Something Spring brings with it is beauty. You can bring beauty to your home with replacement windows. There is nothing beautiful about old, outdated windows. Besides being unsightly, old windows are such a headache. They stick when you try to open and close them. They are noisy and they never seem to be clean no matter how often you clean them.  New replacement windows give you a quiet, easy to open, beautiful feature for your home. When your guests drive into your driveway, the first impression of your home will be either dingy old windows or crisp, clean sparkling beautiful windows that show how much you care for your home.

Now that you know you want to replace your old windows with new replacement windows, Zen Windows in Greensboro can help you decide which windows will bring Spring into your home.

We will work with you to give you top-quality replacement windows at an affordable price. We make the process of adding replacement windows to your home a relaxed, stress-free process. So call today for a free quote.

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