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A Closer Look at Your Options for Window Styles

Aside from providing your home with sunlight, energy efficiency, and access to fresh air, your windows can be used as a primary style component. The design you choose can completely change the visual appeal of your entire property, increase value, and create a unique style that is complementary to your home’s structure. Whether you are looking to find replacement entry doors in Charlotte or simply upgrade your current windows, here is a closer look at your options for styles.


Picture windows can make quite the statement and are free of any gridlines. The crisp, clean look combined with sharp, modern edges, can add incredible dimension to any room. These windows aren’t made for function, to be opened or closed, but rather for design requirements.

Bay and Bow

These types of windows are incredibly versatile and are an instantaneous upgrade to any structure. The architectural shape of each is noticeable and can add dimension to your family or living area.


Single-hung windows are one of the most popular styles. The two parts are called sashes. One is constructed to remain stationary while the other is able to move up and down to enable air to come in from outside.


Slider windows are another common style where one of the two sashes opens horizontally instead of vertically like single-hung windows. Many homeowners find it beneficial to invest in both replacement entry doors in Charlotte and new windows at the same time. Slider windows are cost-effective for homeowners desiring to renovate more than one portion of their home at a time.


Garden windows are unique in that they extend outwards from your home. They are designed to keep moisture from welling onto the surface and to allow maximum sunlight in.

Now that you have recognized your need for replacement entry doors in Charlotte or new windows, it is time to begin thinking about the styles you like. From bay, to slider, to picture, there is something for everyone at Zen windows.