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Revamp Your Home With Replacement Windows

When the north winds begin to blow, your home can lose a lot of heat through the windows. Cold air can seep through inefficient seals and cracks. Together these two things can really increase your winter utility bills. Let’s look at some ways to increase your energy efficiency in the winter, no matter what type of windows you have.

  • Make sure window treatments and coverings are adequate to prevent heat loss in the winter. Heavier curtains can help keep your home more comfortable. Close drapes and shades at night, but open them during the day to let in the sunlight.
  • Weatherstripping and caulking can help reduce air leakage. Caulk all stationery gaps or cracks that are less than one-quarter-inch. Update weatherstripping materials around moving parts.
  • Use plastic film on the inside of the window frames to reduce drafts.
  • If your windows were installed prior to 2002, consider updating them with replacements. Most windows only last 15 to 20 years.

Awning windows in Charlotte are hinged at the top and open outward. The sash closes by pressing against the frame, which reduces air leakage rates over sliding windows. With these types of windows, when it rains, the window can be opened to allow fresh air into the home without letting rain come into the water.

New windows have a high return on investment. You could recoup up to 70 percent of your investment into replacement awning windows in Charlotte through increased home value and reduced energy bills. Maintain the value of your home by enhancing the exterior with beautiful new windows that work more efficiently not only through the cold, winter months, but also through the warm, humid days of summer.

Call Zen Masters at 877-572-2988 for a free estimate on all styles of windows for your Charlotte home. We can help you find solutions that fit your home, your style and your budget.

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