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Tips for Buying New Windows
Tips for Buying New Windows
January 15, 2016
Revamp Your Home With Replacement Windows
Revamp Your Home With Replacement Windows
January 19, 2016
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Why Energy Efficient Windows are the Way of the Future

Utility bills add up to be a significant portion of monthly expenditures for most households. But there is money to be saved. Energy efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by quite a bit, which cuts down on regular homeowner bills in addition to being more environmentally sound. The newest in high-tech, energy and money saving windows can replace your old panes and glass with the help of home improvement installation pros. Consider shopping for Carolina replacement windows to see your monthly cost difference.

Energy Efficient Windows Utilize Natural Resources

The sun is the most obvious natural heat resource, especially in winter. It heats the earth, and it heats our homes. Windows that are specially designed to take in and store as much sun as possible play a big part in keeping heating costs down. These same windows can also help keep you cool in the summer by cutting down on heat transfer and keeping cool air inside.

Most Old Windows Are Constantly Leaking Energy

Did you know that most windows that are older than ten years have a tendency to leak air? This equates to leaking the money that you are putting into cooling and heating your air. Sophisticated, newer windows have features like double insulation, special thermal coatings, and spacer systems that allow no air to pass through. This means that more air stays on its own side of the window, insulating your house and protecting you from drafts.

Taking the initial plunge and deciding to search for Carolina replacement windows can be a big step. But when you remember that energy costs are always on the rise, it makes sense to invest in energy efficient windows that will continue to save you more and more in time. Do something good for the earth and your bank account: use energy efficient windows.

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