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How Your Windows Impact Comfort and Energy Costs
December 15, 2015
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3 Modern Window Ideas
December 20, 2015
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Enjoy Your Home All Year With Replacement Windows

Windows are an essential part of a house, so ubiquitous that homeowners sometimes fail to consider their impact. In addition to the aesthetic appeal they bring to a house’s exterior, they also improve indoor rooms by opening spaces, letting in sunlight and fresh air.However, they can also be an annoyance. Stuck windows may tempt you to keep your house closed up, and drafty windows may leave you shivering no matter how tightly you shut them, but there are better options. With vinyl replacement windows in Charlotte, you can enjoy the seasons all year round.

Wooden window frames are prone to warping due to moisture and swelling and shrinking caused by temperature changes. This makes them stick, especially in the hot, humid summertime, and struggling to open a stuck window can risk damaging the window or even causing injury should the glass break. Vinyl replacement windows in Charlotte are impervious to damp and more resistant to temperature, so they operate smoothly and easily without maintenance at any time of year, whether you’re putting a fan or air conditioning unit in the window or opening them wide toenjoy the fresh spring air.

The same warping effects also make wooden windows problematic in the winter, when the shrinking of the frame due to cold opens gaps around the panes. Sometimes these gaps may be too small to notice except by feel. If there’s a room in your house plagued by chilly drafts when the temperature drops outside, it may be coming from the windows. This escaping warmth also raises your heating bills.The insulated, sealed frames of vinyl windowsoffer an energy-efficient and cost-effective solutionto keep out the cold all winter long.

Windows should be among a house’s assets, not a problem. If you’re frustrated by old, drafty, sticking windows,vinyl replacement windows in Charlotte can make your home more comfortable and convenient throughout the year.

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