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March 14, 2018
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Here Are 7 Qualities To Look For — And 3 Red Flags To Watch Out For — In Window Installers

As many Charlotte homeowners discover, getting superior window installation is unexpectedly difficult.  Home-improvement companies are always on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) annual “Most Complained About” list. And much of this has to do with lackluster installation.

To help stop poor window installation from occurring on YOUR project, we’ve created two lists: 7 qualities to look for in a great window installer… and 3 red flags to look out for.

Let’s get started…

7 Qualities To Look For In A Charlotte Window Installer

Excellence Just Ahead

  1. Accredited With The Better Business Bureau: A business with BBB accreditation has met the required BBB Code Of Business Practices. This includes adhering to promises, clear client communication, demonstrating trustworthiness, and embodying integrity.
  2. No Up-Front Deposit: The companies with the best window installation in Charlotte won’t make you pay anything until AFTER the project is done to your satisfaction. By not requiring payment until after installation, it puts the onus on the company to deliver a superior outcome. (Note: Window contractors that require no deposit are rarer than a Big Foot sighting. But these companies ARE out there.)
  3. Excellent Customer Reviews & References:If a window company is good at what they do, their customers will naturally want to tell everyone about it. As a result, a quality window-installation company will have an ample amount of customer reviews you can read and references you can call.
  4. Lifetime Warranties (With No Fine Print!): The best window-installation companies in Charlotte will stand behind their work. This means providing TRUE lifetime warranties on both labor AND materials. Settle for nothing less.
  5. Involved Ownership: An involved owner is a surefire way to get superior window installation. A hands-on owner genuinely cares about your project and satisfaction. They’ll bend over backward to fix any potential problems and make sure you have the absolute best outcome.
  6. Rigid Installation Benchmarks: Top-notch window installers will have uncompromisingly high installation standards. If you ask them about their installation process, they’ll be able to go into clear and precise detail about what makes it special.
  7. Plenty Of Project Photos:Take a look at a window company’s website. The good companies will have plenty of job photos for you to peruse to gauge their work.

3 Red Flags To Watch Out For In A Window Installer…

Red Flags

  1. Bad Reviews (Or No Reviews At All):Negative reviews are an easy way to spot a bad window installer. But very few or no reviews can also be an ominous sign. It may mean that the company is either brand new (i.e., inexperienced) or is not satisfying many of their customers.
  2. Requiring 50% Or More Up Front:Most window companies require a deposit. So that in itself is not a red flag. But watch out for contractors that require 50% or more to get started. They may require that much because they have to use your money to buy the actual materials (which means they are on financially shaky ground). Or, even worse, the contractor may take the deposit and never complete the work. This might seem like an extreme circumstance, but it happens much more often than you’d think!
  3. An Owner Who “Stays In The Shadows”:If getting in touch with the owner of a company feels like a game of Where’s Waldo: Charlotte Edition, that tells you everything you need to know about how much he’s invested in your satisfaction. A hard-to-reach owner also makes it VERY difficult to get issues fixed and your questions answered.

The lists above are not comprehensive, but they provide you with a good starting point for selecting the right Charlotte contractor for your window installation.

If you’re looking for superior window installation in Charlotte, consider Zen Windows. We install award-winning windows with world-class workmanship. When you choose Zen Windows, you’ll also benefit from lifetime warranties, no down payment, and an owner 100% invested in the outcome of your project.

Take a few minutes to fill out the form on our Request A Quote page. We’ll provide you with a 100% accurate and firm quote on the best window for your needs and budget. No pressure; no pricing games!


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