Why Fiberglass Is Likely The Best Material For Entry Door Replacement In Charlotte

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While Steel & Wood Entry Doors Have Their Advantages,
Fiberglass Is The Material That Tends To Provide
The Biggest Benefits For Charlotte Homeowners.

From security to energy efficiency to curb appeal, your entry door influences many significant areas of your home. That’s why it is vital for homeowners considering entry door replacement in Charlotte to research the different types of materials available. Doing so will ensure a front door that keeps your home safe and comfortable, while also reducing your utility costs.

With that in mind, let’s look at the entry door material that is gaining the most popularity in Charlotte and throughout the country: Fiberglass.

Fiberglass has a number of advantages over other entry door materials like wood and steel. Keep reading to see what these advantages are and if they create a door worthy of your investment.


Gone are the plastic-looking fiberglass entry doors of 15 years ago. Manufacturers have made amazing strides with the aesthetics of today’s fiberglass doors.

When homeowners in Charlotte want a replacement door that has the beautiful look of wood—without high wood-related costs and upkeep—they choose fiberglass. Fiberglass entry doors can be made to look like mahogany, fir, oak, and more. Fiberglass does such a great job of replicating the look of wood that most experts cannot tell the difference unless they’re inches away!

Fiberglass entry doors can come in either a smooth (for painting) or textured (for staining) surface. Fiberglass entry doors can be painted to the color of your choice. And, unlike wood, the finish can be entirely stripped off without sanding to apply a new color at any time. Fiberglass entry doors also come with a large number of accessory, glass, and decorative options.


Fiberglass doors are manufactured with the same glass reinforced polymers used to make airplanes and Corvettes. This makes fiberglass doors impervious to moisture, warping, rotting, scratching, denting, and shrinking. And, unlike wood, fiberglass is not a material that bugs like termites want to munch on. The tough exterior of a fiberglass door also resists sun and UV damage better than wood.

Fiberglass also has durability advantages over steel, making it more appealing for many homeowners in need of door replacement in Charlotte. Scratched steel doors can lead to rust. Fiberglass not only resists scratches better than steel but also will not rust if it is scratched. And, unlike steel, fiberglass entry doors do no delaminate.


A big benefit of fiberglass entry doors is energy efficiency. Fiberglass entry doors contain state-of-the-art insulation within their cores. Fiberglass front doors with polyurethane insulation carry a rating up to R-15. This helps you cut your energy costs while keeping your home a comfortable temperature year round. (The polyurethane core also enhances the door’s soundproofing.)

According to industry research, fiberglass doors are about five times more efficient than wood entry doors. And when compared to steel, fiberglass also wins the “efficiency” category. Steel is a natural energy conductor (which is why cooking pans are made of metal), so steel doors do not insulate as well as fiberglass.


When compared to wood, it’s no contest: fiberglass is a much securer material. Some fiberglass front doors can withstand 450 pounds of pressure, so there is practically ZERO chance of an intruder breaking it down.
Quality fiberglass doors are also installed with special security features. These include items such as a metal a security plate in the jamb. Since the deadbolt is secured by steel rather than wood, your door is the ultimate barrier between intruders and your home.


In terms of price, fiberglass tends to be more expensive than steel and roughly the same as (or less than) wood. Price boils down to a variety of factors, including the options and accessories you select, as well as the company you hire for the installation.

According to Remodeling’s latest “Cost Vs. Value” report, entry doors have one of the highest returns on investment for any type of remodeling project. The average ROI for fiberglass entry door replacement is 80.7%. That’s higher than wood entry door replacement and other popular home improvement projects such siding replacement, roof replacement, and major kitchen remodels. (Yes, really!)

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