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They ARE Out There. But It’s Up To You To Find Them. Here’s How…

We’ve all heard the horror stories of home improvement projects gone wrong. There are just SO MANY contractors out there who don’t do things the right way—or in the best interest of their customers. As a result, it can be a monumental feat finding a quality replacement door company in Charlotte.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help.

In this article, we provide a sort of “checklist” of what Charlotte’s best replacement door companies do. By making sure the company you hire adheres to EVERY SINGLE ITEM on these lists, you all but guarantee a superior entry or patio door project.

Let’s get started…

A Reputable Replacement Door Company Should Provide You With The Following:

  1. Customer References: Any replacement door contractor worth their salt will have happy customers who are willing to talk to you. Ask every company to provide you with a list of references.  
  2. Project Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. That goes double for replacement door projects. Make sure the company you’re considering has plenty of completed project photos for your to view.
  3. Comprehensive Quotes: The replacement door company you hire should provide you with an itemized estimate and cost breakdown of EVERYTHING to be done. This way, you know precisely where your hard-earned dollars are going.
  4. Long (And Written) Warranties: The best replacement door companies in Charlotte have long warranties (at least 50 years) on both labor and materials. These warranties will be written in easy-to-understand language with no hidden loopholes or fine print. 
  5. Liability Insurance: Reputable door companies all have liability insurance. If you choose a company that does NOT have liability insurance, then YOU have to foot the bill if an installer is injured during your project.
  6. Financing Options: A good indication you’re dealing with a caring company is if they bend over backward to get you what you want within YOUR budget. One way they do this is by offering financing. Financing your replacement door project with a no-interest plan can allow you to get exactly what you want within budget.
  7. An Accountable Owner: An actively involved owner truly cares about the outcome of your project. They will act quickly to fix any issues and supervise the installation to ensure it’s done correctly.

Don’t be scared to ask a door company for these items. Replacing your entry door or patio doors is a big investment. You should accept nothing less than absolute quality during every phase of the project.

3 Things Reputable Replacement Door Companies In Charlotte NEVER Do…

We have talked about what the best replacement door companies do. Let’s now discuss what they DON’T do.

  • Require More Than A 50% Deposit: A lot of replacement door companies in Charlotte require a 30% to 50% deposit to get started. This is not an automatic red flag; however, if the company requires MORE than 50% up front, think twice about hiring them. The company wants this much up front either because they need you to foot the bill for the materials (which shows they are financially shaky), or—even worse—they’re looking to take your money and run (which occurs more frequently than you think!).
  • Bill For More Than The Initial Quote: Honest companies never charge more than the initial quote, unless there is an unexpected change in the scope of work. In these instances, the company will review this additional work with you in a separate written quote.
  • Make Themselves Hard To Reach: A replacement door company should always be a phone call away if you have questions or issues. They will consistently pick up when you call (or return your call ASAP when you leave a message). This is a sign you’ve partnered with a company that truly cares about your home and project.

Need A Quote On Replacement Doors In Charlotte…Without The Pressure, Pricing Games, & Sales Appointment?

If you’re a Charlotte homeowner considering replacement doors, get in touch. Our quotes are done entirely online or over the phone. There is ZERO sales pressure, and the quote is 100% firm. We provide you with the information you need… then step back and let YOU make the decision on how to proceed.

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