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How to Find the Right Replacement Entry Door

Woodgrain entry door with sidelitesWhether your door is old and breaking down or you just want a stronger, more secure entry door, you know it’s time to shop for replacement entry doors in Charlotte. Entry doors can be constructed of different materials, such as wood, fiberglass or steel, with each type offering important benefits to your home.

A wooden door can add great beauty to a home. They are best used for covered areas, such as porticos or porches. Also, the sheer variety of wood finishes means you’ll have many different looks to choose from. However, if not protected well, a wooden door can scratch, peel or bubble. Wooden doors also tend to be the most expensive entry doors on the market.

Of different replacement entry doors in Charlotte, a good steel door offers several benefits. It is energy efficient, meaning it won’t let hot or cool air escape your home and run up your energy bills, plus it generally costs less than a wooden door and doesn’t crack or warp. However, steel doors do require a good paint job to stave off rusting. Steel doors are generally the least aesthetically pleasing, but they do come in different varieties and can mimic wood finishes for a better look. Some can even come with glass if desired.

Fiberglass doors offer some of the same benefits of steel doors, such as added security and energy efficiency, while requiring less maintenance than wooden or steel doors. Only mild soap and water are generally needed for cleaning. You also don’t lose out on looks when you choose fiberglass doors in Charlotte, NC, since they can be made with a finish that makes them look like a wooden door. They can come in different wood grain textures, such as oak, cherry, mahogany or fir, uniting the strength of fiberglass with a great finish that will add to the beauty of your home.

North Carolinians looking for replacement entry doors in Charlotte will not be disappointed with their choices. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, security, cost or looks, there will be an entry door that will fit your needs.