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Have you ever wished you could grow herbs, plants or even flowers inside your home, especially during the cold months of winter when outdoor gardening is no longer viable? Maybe your window shelves just aren’t wide enough to accommodate your pots, or perhaps you don’t have enough sunny spots. A garden window in Charlotte could be your happy solution.

Garden windows are constructed so that they project outwards from your home, taking advantage of additional space and light that aren’t available in normal interior windows. They are fashioned a lot like bay windows, providing charm and function at the same time. These windows can be designed to fit any style home and are particularly suited to placement in kitchens, often over the sink.They are fitted with shelves so that you can create a mini oasis of plants. The bowed construction allows sunlight on three sides, allowing them to function like miniature greenhouses. These window gems can also bring additional light into an otherwise dark and dreary space. Think how beautiful it would be to view your beautiful little garden window in Charlottewhile washing the dishes.

These high-performing windows are framed with sloping tops, allowing rain and snow to slide off without accumulating.The interiors are usually available in white or tan, adding to the reflective properties.In addition to placing plants and flowers in your garden window, consider interspersing decorative glass bottles or objects that will shine in the light. You can even change the design elements and type of plants along with the change of seasons.

If you’re ready to try a garden window, hire an expert familiar with this type of installation. For your garden window in Charlotte, consider the family-owned business Zen Windows. Offering reasonable prices, warranties and quality materials, they provide a relaxed, stress-free buying experience. You can even get a quote over the phone in five minutes, and you don’t have to pay until the job is done. Your new indoor garden may be closer than you realize.

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