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How to Handle a Broken Window

Maybe someone accidentally hit a baseball through your window, or maybe an unexpected hail storm shattered the pane. No matter how your window got broken, clean up and repairs can be difficult. Here are the best steps to take if your window has been broken.

First of all, make sure that everyone is aware about the broken window, and cordon off the area so that no children or pets can accidentally wander through. Then get a good look at the mess so that you have an idea of how bigyour clean-up efforts will have to be.

Before starting to clean up, remove any broken glass from the window frame. Make sure that you protect yourself with heavy gloves, closed-toe shoes, and long pants and sleeves, and throw the shards directly into the trash can instead of a plastic bag. Carefully break off the loose pieces and throw them away.

Next, start cleaning up the broken glass from the ground.Gather the larger pieces by hand. On a smooth floor or concrete, you can sweep up the smaller pieces. On carpet, start by vacuuming thoroughly. Then use a piece of tape or even a slice of bread to pick up the smallest pieces. If you’re worried about broken glassin a lawn or flowerbed, it might be worth removing and replacing the top half inch of soil. To check if you’ve gotten every last piece, shine a flashlight and look for any telltale glimmers.

Your next step should be to protect the broken window. Cut a piece of plywood that covers the frame, and then screw or nail it into place. This will help protect your house temporarily.

Finally, call a trusted installer of replacement windows in Charlotte. Find someone who is willing to replace the window that you’ve lost and who will do a good job. With their help, you can get a new window that’s even better than the one that got broken.

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