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How Vinyl Replacement Windows Show Off Charlotte’s Autumn Beauty

Charlotte’s Natural Beauty In The Fall Is Second To None.

Here’s How Vinyl Replacement Windows Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Views.

Charlotte has gorgeous scenery in the fall. Leaves in hues of eye-popping orange, blazing-red, and golden yellow blanket the ground. Deer, squirrels, and foxes skitter mosey in and out of your yard different hours of the day. Birds of all shapes and sizes soar across the pastel colors of the autumn sky.

Yes, Charlotte in the fall is a sight to behold. So it would be a shame to miss all the sights because you have old, dirty, chunky-framed windows.

This is why many homeowners in Charlotte choose to get new vinyl replacement windows during the fall. Today’s vinyl replacement windows aren’t just crafted for aesthetics and performance. They’re also made to maximize your view of the outdoors.

Here are three ways vinyl replacement windows help Charlotte homeowners experience the breathtaking views of fall time…

  1. More Glass Than Ever Before

Let’s be honest: The vinyl replacement windows of yesteryear typically had big, chunky frames. This is because a lot of frame material was needed to hold the glass. This left less room for the actual glass, which naturally led to more limited views of the outdoors.

Today’s vinyl replacement windows have made huge technological strides. Even compared to vinyl windows a decade ago, today’s vinyl windows are lightyears ahead in terms of manufacturing and materials. Stronger frame materials mean less frame is needed to securely hold the glass in the window. This allows for MORE glass viewing area and frames that have a sleek and slim appearance.

  1. Energy-Efficient Glass

The glass used in today’s vinyl replacement windows are made with cutting-edge energy-efficient technology. The glass in a quality window resists UV rays, fading, and unwanted heat/cold from entering your home—all without having a tint to the glass.

How does this translate to excellent outdoor views? It’s simple. By resisting all of the unwanted items mentioned above, you’re able to keep your blinds open—and experience the remarkable autumn colors and scenery—without unwelcome energy penetrating the glass.

  1. Bye-Bye, Plastic Film!

Stating the obvious here, but fall is when the temperatures outside start to get cooler. Many homeowners with older windows prepare for the chilly Charlotte winter weather by applying that insulating plastic window film to the inside of their windows during the fall. Though this film is transparent, let’s get real—it still dampers your outdoor view.

If your windows are more than 10 years old, today’s vinyl replacement windows blow them out of the water in terms of energy efficiency. From three panes of glass to fusion-welded sashes… from warm-edge spacers to high-density gas between the glass panes… to insulated frames and premium weather stripping… the advancements made in window energy technology over the past decade are like nothing we’ve seen before in the industry. This means no more plastic film over your windows!

Okay, so the whole not-putting-plastic-over-your-windows thing might seem like a small benefit. And maybe you don’t even bother with winterizing your home with window film. But it’s the other benefits you experience—the incredible energy efficiency that leads to lower energy bills, more comfortable indoor temperatures, and unimpeded views of the outdoors—that really matter when you get new vinyl replacement windows.

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