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Kitchens and baths are the glamour pusses of remodeling. Windows can take a backseat to these more flashy updates. But new vinyl windows in Charlotte can transform your home. Window replacement in Charlotte, NC, is an aesthetic update that can be financially rewarding and gives your house a greener footprint.

When Is it Time for New Windows?

Although you can replace windows any time, these are signs that new windows should be a priority on your punch list.

  • Cracked glass or rotting frames should be replaced.
  • Windows that don’t open and close properly can be a safety hazard.
  • Low quality, single pane windows may make your energy bill higher than it should be.

Once you’ve decided to give yourself a brighter home, there are a few important decisions to make.

What Are Differences Between Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl Windows in Charlotte?

When it comes to window frames, there are a number of options and each has different advantages. You’ll want to pick a material that enhances both your interior and exterior style and that holds up well to the weather.

Wood is a good insulator; however, wood requires regular maintenance and can warp or rot. If you live in a humid area, vinyl may be a better choice. The high-quality vinyl windows provided by Zen Windows, and other companies, are energy efficient and can be a budget friendly. Vinyl is a versatile material that is available in many colors and designs. Aluminum windows are durable and low maintenance but may be less environmentally friendly. Wood clad, composite and fiberglass are additional possibilities.

What Is the Best Choice for Glass?

Windows designated as low-E, or low thermal emissivity, are coated with a substance which causes the sun’s energy to bounce back outside instead of being absorbed into your home. Low-E, double pane windows that are filled with argon, a non-toxic gas that displaces the air between the panes, are popular for their ability to insulate your home in summer and winter.

New vinyl windows in Charlotte can be every bit as exciting as a remodeled kitchen or bath once you understand the benefits.

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