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August 16, 2017
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Home windows have a lot of small pieces that make a big impact to how they look and function. Whether you are replacing one or multiple windows, it’s important to know about these little additions so you can get the most out of your windows. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

All About Hinges

Most windows have a way to open and hinges are the most versatile. A single-direction hinge means you can slide your window open one way to let in a breath of fresh air. Some hinges are two-directional so you can open outward or inward. These make cleaning easier since you don’t have to go outside to get the job done.

Grid Options

There are multiple grid options for your window that each have their own flair. A common grid is the colonial, a simple three-by-four pattern of equally-sized rectangles. It’s great for country cottage looks and other simple styles. The half-colonial covers the top of a window and leaves the bottom open. It still have some charm but also pairs with modern looks. To go totally modern, try the plaza. This grid is a single row of squares along the top of a window and is very eye catching.

Sidelights and More

Sidelights often get overlooked as a window option. They’re small but have a huge impact as far as design goes. Slim windows alongside a larger one can add depth to an otherwise one-note wall. Small transoms are another detail over windows or doors that can add a lot to your home style.

Vinyl windows in Charlotte come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to the little details, don’t let them fall to the wayside. Make sure to think about hinges for some extra functionality, how your grids coordinate with the rest of your style, and what sidelights and transoms can do for you. Call Zen Windows at 877.572.2988 to find out more.

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