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Homeowners can have many reasons to replace windows or glass doors – the fixture is broken or worn out, the owner wants to upgrade to something more modern, or they just want a change in their home’s design. Contractors for patio windows and doors in Charlotte offer a variety of products, and it can be a good idea to get a sense of what you should look for before you start shopping.

Window frames come in several different materials. Wood frames are an eye-catching choice and have good thermal insulation, but they require regular maintenance and can warp because of weather conditions. Metal frames are roughly the opposite; durable and lightweight, but very poor for insulation without installing a plastic thermal break. Fiberglass and vinyl compromise on stability, thermal performance, and maintenance, and are often filled with insulating material to improve further.

Windows are a critical factor in a home’s energy efficiency, and this should be kept in mind while searching Charlotte for replacement windows. The thermal performance of the window frame is just one matter, as the window must be sealed well, usually with weather stripping or foam insulation. The glass can also be treated to improve insulation, and the space between panes can be filled with argon gas for further efficiency. Energy efficiency means not just lower energy bills, but also increased comfort year-round; check to see that your contractor’s products are certified.

Finally, a strong warranty will keep you covered when purchasing patio windows and doors in Charlotte. Some contractors offer warranties with major holes in coverage or heavy pro-rating that reduces the value of the coverage over time. Ask about what cases the warranty covers, from installation or product defects to broken glass or faulty hinges. The contractor may showcase the warranty upfront, which lets you verify what it can do for you. You want to be sure that replacement windows won’t end up costing you again later.

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