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The Perfect Windows for Inner (and Outer) Peace
January 27, 2016
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February 5, 2016
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Lower Heating and Cooling Costs With New Windows

Poorly made windows with single panes offer little resistance to heat transfer, and old windows could form gaps that compromise your climate control, costing you money on heating and cooling costs. Replacing underperforming products with high-quality new windows in Charlotte is a smart way to help control your energy expenses.

Modern windows offer innovations that help moderate the transmission of heat. One of the more popular design enhancements is the addition of extra panes of glass. Older and/or poor-quality products are typically single-pane units. A single sheet of thin glass offers practically no resistance to heat. Adding more panes of glass creates a better thermal barrier, particularly because of the air trapped between the panes, which acts as insulation. Energy-efficient windows are available in double- or triple-pane varieties, with insulation performance increasing with the number of panes. A bonus of adding energy-efficient new windows in Charlotte is that the extra material also helps to block noise.

Some newer window designs incorporate elements intended to help control sunlight, which helps to moderate interior temperatures year-round. The most common option is the inclusion of shades sandwiched between panes of glass. The height and angle of the shades are controlled through ingenious systems on the window frames. An exciting, cutting edge innovation adds a layer of switchable tinting that offers an extra degree of sunlight control and privacy. This option isn’t yet widely available, though.

In order to maximize the benefits of modern,new windows in Charlotte, it’s critical for them to be installed properly. Your contractor should ensure that all manufacturer recommendations are followed and that any modifications preserve the integrity of the windows. Additionally, when the windows are installed, your contractor should add insulation in any voids around the frames.

Upgrading your windows is a relatively easy way to improve your home’s energy performance. There are many styles available at different price points, allowing you to lower your bills and create a more comfortable space.

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