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September 16, 2016
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Few things are as relaxing as spending a beautiful day outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on your back porch or patio. Ideal for entertaining guests, this can be a prized feature of your home. No porch, balcony or patio can be compete without charming doors and windows to invite you outside and to welcome the sunshine into your house. You may be looking to change what you currently have, or you may be looking to add doors and windows to this space. Here are some patio windows and doors in Charlotte to consider and how each can be appealing.

Sliding Doors

This type of patio door is increasingly popular, and why not? Sliding doors let it a generous amount of light, and they offer large, unblocked views of the world outside. They’re also easy to clean, maintain and open. Also, because they slide parallel to the wall, you can place tables, chairs or any other furniture items as close to the doors as you’d like without worrying about obstructions.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows:

Windows come in many shapes, sizes and materials, so when it’s time to think about some new patio windows and, know doors in Charlotte that vinyl is a wise choice. There are a few especially appealing features to vinyl windows. The fact that they are extremely durable makes them among the most popular replacement windows in Charlotte, NC. Vinyl windows are built to stand up to wind, rain and other elements with little need for upkeep.

Double-Hung Windows

If you’re searching for a window that’s easy to clean and offers a classic look and feel, double-hung is the way to go. This window has an upper part that slides down and a lower part that slides up. Some can even be tilted.

Patio windows and doors in Charlotte come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the ones that best fit your style can transform your porch or patio.

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