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The time has come for you to replace those old, worn out windows. You’ve probably put some thought into the kind of glass you want (single/double paned, thickness, energy efficiency, etc.), but equally important is to consider which material offered by window contractors in Charlotte to use for your window frames. This decision can be more important than you think.

Wood Windows

Classic and elegant, wood windows add a touch of rustic elegance to any home. But, beauty comes at a cost. Wooden frames are delicate and must be regularly sanded and painted in order to keep their original aesthetic appeal. They are also highly susceptible to damage from sun and rain, making them less than ideal for replacement windows. In the summer, they tend to swell shut, making it difficult to open and let in the much-needed breeze. In the winter, they can shrink, leaving gaps where warm air leaks out and cold air seeps in.

Vinyl Windows

If you ask window contractors in Charlotte about vinyl windows, they will tell you that not all vinyl was created equal. Cheap vinyl frames have the drawback of looking, well, cheap. They also do not insulate as well as their slightly more expensive counterparts. High quality vinyl frames cost a little more, but they are still much more affordable than wood frames and require little maintenance. They are extremely energy efficient and come in a variety of colors with no need to paint or finish.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is by far the strongest option for window frames. However, that strength comes with a slightly higher price tag and doesn’t always translate into increased durability. They are, nonetheless, great options for large windows and heavy panes.

Window contractors in Charlotte can help you better understand your choices and which frame right for your home and budget. The right choice today can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

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