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Why Do Some Window Companies Have Expiration Dates On Their Quotes?

Its Actually An Old Sales Trick To Make You Buy More Quickly Than You May Be Comfortable With.

If you’ve already received a quote or two for casement window replacement in Charlotte, you might have noticed that the quotes are good for only a certain number of days.

Typically, a window company will quote you a price that is valid for a week – or in some cases “Just today!” To lock in that price, you must hire said company within that time frame. Otherwise, you have to get a new — and most likely HIGHER — quote for the exact same project.

Why do window companies have expiration dateson their quotes? To get you to buy ASAP.

The “good-for-7-days” quote is actually an old high-pressure sales technique in disguise.

Think about it. There’s no real reason for a quote to “expire”…especially as quickly as 7 days. After all—what changes in that timeframe? Exactly NOTHING.

The “7-day” quote is what’s called false scarcity. The window company wants you to buy RIGHT NOW. So they place an artificial deadline on you to make a decision. The company hopes that your fear of losing out on the quoted price will be enough to get you to move forward and hire that company. They don’t care that window replacement is a BIG deal for homeowners—one that requires a fair amount of time and consideration. They just want you to cut the check as quickly as possible.

Yes, it’s unfair. By putting you on a deadline, a window company is piling unneeded stress on you. This added anxiety actually forces some homeowners to make hasty decisions they later regret. (We’d know—we’ve heard plenty of stories from unsatisfied homeowners who call us to replace the windows a different company recently installed.)

If you know anything about Zen Windows, you know we’re true to our name. We take every necessary step to ensure you feel absolutely zero stress every single step of the way. And one of those steps to giving you a stress-free experience is quoting you an ironclad price without pressure to make a decision faster than you want to.

When you request your Online Quote, we follow up with one price—the RIGHT one. It’s down to the penny. And it never changes.

Once you receive our quote, you can take as much time as you need. Think it over. Weigh your options. Compare it to quotes from other companies. We’ll be here if decide to move forward.

Also, you should know that we don’t run “specials” or play the phony discount game. You won’t have to worry about whether the windows you want will go on sale after you’ve bought them. We ALWAYS quote the price it takes to do the job EXACTLY right. No more. No less. Period.

If you need casement window replacement in Charlotte (or any other type of window replacement!), request your Online Quote. Filling out the form takes only about five minutes. Once we have the info we need, you can expect a firm, accurate, no-pressure quote on the best replacement windows for your needs and budget.

That’s a promise.

Talk to you soon,

Brian Zimmerman

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