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Know The Difference Between A Quote And An Estimate.

Though Often Used Interchangeably, Quotes& Estimates” Are Not The Same.

Know The Difference To Ensure You Get The Best Price For Your Project.

If you need sliding glass patio doors in the Charlotte area, you’ve probably already done some research on companies, products, and prices. You may have even already had a sales appointment or two.

But one thing you might not have thought about is whether the company is giving you a QUOTE or an ESTIMATE.

If you didn’t know there was a difference, that’s okay—many homeowners don’t. There is, however, a key difference between the two…one that can determine whether you get the best price—or overcharged.

That difference? Specificity.

Estimates are true to their namesake. They are estimations of what the company thinks the job will cost. An estimate is a ballpark price a company can change even after they give it to you.

Quotes—by their definition—are firm, exact prices for jobs. Think of the phrase “You can quote me on that.” The person saying it is essentially telling you that what they say is 100%, unequivocally true.

Why Quote” And Estimate” Get Mixed Up

How and when did “quote” and “estimate” become interchangeable? Who knows? It could be one of those instances where the definitions of certain words just kind of meld, morph, mash together over time. Or it could be that some companies want a loophole if they decide they want to charge you more than the price they initially “quoted” (i.e. “estimated”).

Here’s a better question: Should you even care about the quote/estimate mix up?

Actually, yes!

Think of it this way: If you need sliding glass patio doors in Charlotte, don’t you want to know whether you’re getting an accurate price up front? You bet.

So if a company quotes you a price, you can more easily hold them to that price should they try to increase it later. You’ll want to make sure the quote is in writing and details the specific work and materials the job requires. This way, you can shove the quote in the contractor’s face should they try the “This will actually cost more than we originally thought…” line on you.

Our Quotes Are ACTUAL Quotes

The truth is that pricing out patio door projects is nowhere near as complicated as companies make it seem. In fact, it’s extremely simple.

All a patio door company needs to know is the product you want, how much of the product you want, and any additional upgrades. There are little to no variables when it comes to patio door replacement. So there is no reason for a company NOT to provide a firm and accurate quote—not an estimate—right up front.

How do we know? Because at Zen Windows, we provide 100% firm and accurate quotes on sliding glass patio doors in Charlotte…right over the phone and email.

All you do is input some basic information on our Request A Quote page. We may follow up with a few questions regarding your project (which is either done via email or a 5-minute phone call). After that, we provide you with a rock-solid quote on the best sliding glass patio doors for your situation.

It’s that simple. The price we quote you NEVER changes. So feel free to take as much time as you need to decide. We won’t ever pressure you or make you feel like you’re “on the clock” about making a decision.

See for yourself—take a few minutes to tell us about your patio door project on our Request A Quote page. You’ll find that our quotes are just that—accurate, firm, ironclad QUOTES.


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