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When designing or remodeling a patio, you have a variety of options before you on doors. A good patio door serves as a functional and lovely threshold to your outdoor space. The style of door that works best depends on what you value most for this installation; as you shop for patio doors in Charlotte, you’ll find options such as these, each with their own strengths and appeals.

Swinging doors – i.e. those that operate on hinges – are a classic choice that appeal to homeowners seeking elegance. The two panels comprising the door can both open independently of each other. The hinges may either be centered between the panels, or – in what is known as French doors – located at the far ends of the door so that opening both doors creates a wide entryway. The extensive view from this doorway is excellent for showcasing a stylish patio or a beautiful backyard feature.

Another option for door replacement in Charlotte is the bi-fold door. These consist of multiple panels that slide in an accordion fashion to open and close. Contractors offer several configurations for such doors, from two to eight panels. Bi-fold doors can be opened from the center or the sides and fold neatly out of view when fully opened. This design is unique and can make a statement on behalf of the distinctive style you want to create.

Sliding patio doors are one of the more iconic designs for patios. One panel is left immobile, and the other slides on a track or rollers to open and close. These doors take the least space and can provide a wonderful outdoor view. Many sliding door designs use panels with single, large panes of glass to allow the most sunlight into the home. Both of these features combine for an open, unobstructed view.

Knowing the different designs and what they can do for your living space makes shopping for patio doors in Charlotte easier. Consult with your local contractor to assess your options and find the door that matches what you want to build.


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