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July 31, 2015
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August 31, 2015
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One of things you need to decide on when shopping for new windows in Charlotte is the material of which they are made. The most common options are wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages you should consider before making your choice.

Wood windows are known for their undeniable beauty. They can add an elegant or rustic feel to your interior design and match other wood in your home. They can also be painted so you can change the color as your tastes change. However, they are expensive, and prone to warp and decay. They expand in heat, making them hard to open, and contract in the cold, allowing a draft to enter.

Fiberglass windows are strong and last over time and under all weather conditions. They don’t expand or contract as much as wood, making them very energy efficient. They are also environmentally friendly. They can be painted in whatever color you want to create a polished and cohesive finished look. On the down side, fiberglass windows are assembled with screws instead of being fused together, so they may come apart more easily, and they are usually expensive to buy and maintain.

Vinyl windows are not all created equal, so it is important to look for high quality ones to avoid a cheap appearance and poor performance. Top-of-the-line vinyl is low maintenance and reasonably priced. It doesn’t experience the same damages as wood and is strong and durable. It also has highenergy efficiency. Vinyl windows can come in a variety of woodgrain interior finishes and countless exterior colors. Itsone negative is that it cannot be stained or painted after installation, so you need to love the color you pick. Also, vinyl is not well suited for areas prone to extreme weather conditions, such as coastal applications.

Review the pros and cons of each material type before purchasing your new windows in Charlotte. You want to get the best value and be pleased with your final choice so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of your beautiful windows.

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