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We have many years of experience helping the residents of our community improve their homes. During this time, we have learned a thing or two about the process that is involved in finding the right solution for each of our customers. In our blog, we post information and tips to help you educate yourself on our products and services. Please contact us if you have questions!

June 20, 2018
Patio Windows And Doors Charlotte

Why You Should Consider A Local Company For Your Patio Windows And Doors In Charlotte

Here Are 5 Reasons Local Companies Can Provide Higher Quality Than National Corporations.  If you’ve already begun researching patio windows and doors in the Charlotte area, you’ve likely come across numerous ads from national companies. That’s no accident. Big national companies have big (i.e., HUGE) advertising budgets. It’s hard NOT to notice these ads when they’re plastered all over TV, radio, and the internet. And […]
May 25, 2018
Awning Windows Greensboro

Awning Windows Are A Perfect Fit For Your Bathroom Remodel In Greensboro

Of the many bathroom features that you are considering for your bathroom remodel, one that often gives homeowners pause for thought is the windows. Bathroom windows must provide ventilation and also privacy without sacrificing beauty. Thankfully, there is an option that delivers everything on the list. Awning windows just might be the answer that you are looking for in a perfect bathroom window in Greensboro.  […]
May 17, 2018
Demand THIS Of Any Charlotte Window And Door Company You’re Considering

Demand THIS Of Any Charlotte Window And Door Company You’re Considering…

What Is The One Trait ALL The Best Window And Door Companies In Charlotte Have In Common? PROFESSIONALISM. The best window and door companies in Charlotte understand that PROFESSIONALISM is the key to keeping customers satisfied. But what, exactly, is professionalism as it relates to window and door companies? In a nutshell, it’s a combination of clear communication, respect for the customer, and commitment to satisfaction. […]
May 7, 2018
Top Quality When Choosing Window Replacement In Greensboro

How To Get Top Quality When Choosing Window Replacement In Greensboro

Springtime is the perfect time for window replacement in Greensboro. You are getting ready to get outside and have lots of summer fun. You want your home to look its very best for all the summertime entertaining you are getting ready to enjoy. The best time to do home improvements is before your busy summer starts. Affordable High Quality Is A Must When you get […]
April 5, 2018
Vinyl Windows Over Wood and Fiberglass

Why Charlotte Homeowners Prefer Vinyl Windows Over Wood And Fiberglass

There’s A Reason (Actually, Many Reasons!) Vinyl Is The Most Popular Window Material Among Charlotte Homeowners There’s no question about it: vinyl windows are Charlotte’s most popular window material. In fact, vinyl is the most popular window material in the country. Homeowners overwhelmingly choose vinyl windows over aluminum, fiberglass, and even wood. And when you look at the many benefits of vinyl windows, you’ll see […]