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Sliding glass patio doors on a Charlotte home add style and beauty to the exterior and interior. They’re elegant, durable and let you view more of the outdoors than regular doors. Energy efficiency is almost as important as beauty and style these days. Older types of patio doors were not always friendly to your utility bills, but newer doors offer more versatility and are highly energy efficient. Here are some terms you should remember when shopping.

Low-E glass

This glass has an invisible coating on the glass that keeps heat inside your home in the winter and outside in the summer. It will cut your energy costs.

Triple pane glass

Three panes of glass are fitted into the window, with the space between each pane filled with a gas that keeps heat and humidity from passing through into or out of your home.

UV coating protection

Sliding glass patio doors in Charlotte are treated with another type of coating to protect your furniture from the sun’s UV rays. It’s almost like sunscreen for your home.

U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The U-factor measures the thermal transmittance. The lower the number, the better it keeps heat and cold from going through your door. The SHGC reflects the number of UV rays that passes through the glass. Ideally, the measurements must be equal to or less than 0.4 for homes in the north central region, but to qualify for tax credits the numbers must be less than 0.3.

With the right products, you may qualify for tax credits on installation cost for new sliding glass patio doors in Charlotte that increase your home’s energy efficiency. Don’t forget to consider a screen door for summer, to allow fresh air in without letting bugs join your party.

Zen Windows offers free estimates for new installations of windows and patio doors. Please call our office at 877-572-2988 for more information.

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