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Considering Sliding Patio Doors In The Charlotte Area?
Here Are Some Important Facts You Should Know…

If you’re considering sliding patio doors in Charlotte, you’ve made a wise decision. Sliding patio doors (also known as gliding doors) provide many benefits to homeowners in the Charlotte area. From beautiful views of the outdoors, to enhanced curb appeal, to increased value of your home, sliding patio doors provide it all… and more. 

To make the best investment, it’s important to know the basics of sliding patio doors and how they can benefit your home. With that in mind, we’ve created The 2018 Guide To Sliding Patio Doors In Charlotte. When you read this guide, you’ll find out more about how sliding patio doors look, function, and perform.

Sliding Patio Doors 101

  • Sliding patio doors are made with two sectioned panels—one that moves, and one that remains fixed. The movable panel glides on a track with rollers. The movable panel can also open to either the left or right—whatever your preference.
  • For most homeowners in Charlotte, sliding patio doors tend to be more practical than swinging patio doors. Sliding patio doors need less room to function, since they do not swing outward or inward. This lets you put sliding patio doors in tighter spaces than you could swinging patio doors.
  • Since sliding patio doors are made mostly of glass, they provide unbeatable outdoor views, airflow, and sunshine. What’s especially great about modern sliding patio doors is the advanced technology with which they are made. Today’s window glass is ultra efficient and can protect from harmful UV rays and dulling furniture. This lets you experience the outdoor views and glowing sun while keeping your energy bills low and keeping the inside of your home safe from damaging UV rays.
  • High-quality sliding patio doors in Charlotte have advanced security features that older sliding patio doors do not have, including multi-point locking systems and key locks. When you install replacement sliding patio doors, you boost the security of your home.

5 Reasons To Consider Sliding Patio Doors From Zen Windows Charlotte

At Zen Windows Charlotte, we firmly believe we have some of the best vinyl sliding patio doors you can find in North Carolina. And we base that belief in the fact that our exclusive sliding patio doors are crafted 100% with the homeowner in mind.

Here is why homeowners in Charlotte share our sentiment about the quality of our sliding patio doors:

  1. Increased Curb Appeal

Many vinyl patio doors have a sort of “boxy,” chunky look. This is because the manufacturer uses a lot of material in the frame to hold the glass. Our sliding vinyl patio doors are made with a special lightweight yet ultra-strong vinyl. Our stout frame provides superior strength while maximizing glass area, which gives your sliding patio doors a slim and elegant appearance.

In addition, our sliding patio doors come with a variety of decorative glass and grid options. You can also choose from a number of great colors.

2018 Guide To Sliding Patio Doors In Charlotte
2018 Guide To Sliding Patio Doors In Charlotte

Our many color options make it easy to find the perfect match for your home.

  1. Unmatched Energy Efficiency

When pitted against other patio door brands, our sliding patio doors have shown to be five times better air-infiltration protection. Our sliding patio doors come with two to three panes with the same ultra-efficient glass that is in our windows and other cutting edge energy-saving technology. All this means lower utility bills and a more comfortable temperature in your home. 


Unmatched Energy Efficiency
Unmatched Energy Efficiency

The images above explain some of our sliding patio door’s energy features.

  1. The Best Safety Features In A Sliding Patio Door

One of the big problems with older sliding patio doors is that they don’t do a great job of keeping your home secure. If you currently have old sliding patio doors, you’re probably familiar with the old wood-plank-in-the-glide-track trick. Homeowners with outdated sliding patio doors do this to help keep the door from opening in case of intrusion.

Our sliding patio doors come with enhanced security features the sliding patio doors of yesteryear—and even some made today—simply don’t have. This includes a stainless steel locking system that locks securely into the jamb of the door. A stout key lock lets you to lock and unlock the door from the outside. And a toe-bolt or thumb-bolt offers an added security measure most modern-day sliding patio doors don’t.

  1. Consistently Reliable Performance

Our sliding patio doors come with a heavy-duty anti-corrosive ball-bearing roller system to ensure smooth performance for life. An aluminum-capped threshold withstands the heaviest foot traffic with bare-minimum wear. And reinforced vertical sash stiles plus a high-strength screen frame deliver superior durability.

  1. Superior Installation

Our expert installers are known throughout Charlotte for their meticulous attention to detail. To ensure you the absolute best patio door installation, we require NO deposit — you don’t pay until AFTER we’re done installing your doors and YOU are satisfied. We then back up your project with a genuine Lifetime Warranty on both parts and labor.

Want A Quote On Sliding Patio Doors In Charlotte ASAP?

Visit our Request A Quote page and take a few minutes to tell us about your patio door project. Once you submit the quote form, we’ll follow up with a down-to-the-penny EMAILED quote on our sliding patio doors. No in-home appointment necessary; no sales pressure… period.

Thank you!

Brian Zimmerman

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