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The Best Windows for Your Sunroom

Charlotte and Greensboro residents love the area’s mostly mild climate but are well aware of how it can turn in an instant. That’s one of the reasons that so many homeowners install sunrooms, solariums, or three-season rooms in their North Carolina homes.

A sunroom creates a beautiful bridge between the outdoors and indoors, letting in light and air while protecting you from unpredictable elements. Given that windows are an integral part of a sunroom, choosing the right type for your needs and lifestyle is essential. Four styles of windows for sunrooms that you can never go wrong with include double-hung, casement, awning, and picture windows. Let’s take a look at each.

The Best Window Styles For Any Sunroom

Different types of windows offer distinct benefits. Which ones you choose depend on several factors, including how much ventilation you want, the orientation of the room, and what level of energy efficiency you expect.

For instance, ventilating windows in a room that gets a lot of breezes keep the space cooler, helping you save on AC costs. South-facing rooms that receive the most sun during the day can benefit from installing low-E windows, which block up to 75% of UV rays and reduce energy loss by 30% to 50%.

Here are our top choices for sunroom, solarium, or three-season room windows:

Double-Hung Windows for Sunrooms

double hung windows in a sunny roomMany people first consider fixed, picture windows for a sunroom as they’re ideal for taking in the scenery and soaking up the sun. However, you should consider the benefits of double-hung windows as well. For one, they slide open vertically within the frame, providing much-needed ventilation to the room.  And keeping them clean for maximum viewing pleasure is much easier, as the panes can be tilted inward or otherwise, eliminating the need to go outside to wipe down the glass’s exterior.

Casement Windows

Though casement windows are smaller than bay and bow windows, they provide a bit more functionality. In our view, they offer the perfect ratio of wall-to-scenery and allow just the right amount of sunlight into the sunroom. They also crank open for easy operation, allowing everyone to enjoy fresh air whenever they like.

Awning Windows

Because they allow air to flow in without interfering with visibility, awning windows are a popular choice for installing on top of stationary windows, particularly double-hungs and casements. Stacking windows like this lets you easily expand your window area, and, as they crank open and out, most of the time, you can leave them open, rain or shine.

Picture/Fixed Windows

picture window in a sunroomLarge, fixed windows allow for excellent lighting and more expansive views. Though installing windows that don’t open at all can seem counterproductive, picture windows can be a great choice for windows installed high up the wall, where easy access is limited. They’re also an excellent choice for north-facing or cooler rooms, as they’re draft-proof and heavily insulated.

Beautiful and Energy-Efficient Sunroom Windows

If you want to bring an abundance of natural light into your home while enjoying the view of the surrounding landscape, a sunroom, solarium, or three-season room is the way to go. These comfortable and attractive spaces can serve as family rooms, breakfast nooks, entertainment areas, and more.

Installing vinyl windows in your Charlotte or Greensboro home is an excellent decision, as vinyl is lightweight and energy-efficient, and it resists humidity better than other materials — a winning combination for sunrooms. Zen Windows North Carolina vinyl replacement windows offer versatility, durability, and reliability that few other windows can match. You’re guaranteed to find just the style you love!