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What Often Seems Like A Deal That’s Too Good To Be True Is Often Just That.

Here’s How To Tell When A Window Discount Isn’t An Actual Discount…

If you need window installation in Charlotte, you’ve probably come across all kinds of seemingly excellent discounts.

  • Buy two windows, get one free
  • $189 windows
  • Free installation

…Just to name a few.

While these seem like incredible bargains, these “discounts” are almost always too good to be true. In fact, you may end up spending MORE money by buying windows under one of these discounts.

Let’s explore the reason in a little more detail…

The Truth About $189 Windows

If you’ve even just started the research process for replacement windows, you’ve likely run into advertisements for $189 windows. This seems like a fantastic deal, and you’re right to want to at least learn more about it.

That’s exactly what the window company designed this offer to do — pique your interest.

In reality, $189-window offers are nothing more than a “get a foot in the door” tactic. Windows that cost $189 a pop are the lowest of the low in terms of quality. If you were to buy windows at this price, you’d experience poor energy efficiency and all around performance.

What happens when you schedule an appointment with a $189 window company? They try to upsell you during the appointment. Suddenly, those $189 windows cost $900. For proof, do an internet search for “$189 windows fake” and read a few of the articles from consumers conned by this discount.

The Truth About “Buy 2 Windows, Get 1 Free”

This seems like an excellent deal on the surface. After all, you’re getting free windows!  

But it’s a little more complicated than that.

Here’s an example to demonstrate why…

Let’s say you want to install 12 new vinyl windows. A company running a Buy 2, Get 1 deal sells windows for $900 a piece. That comes out to $7,200 total, with 4 windows being “free.”

While that seems like a bargain, you’re actually overpaying for those windows. $900 for a vinyl window is simply way too much, even for the best quality. If you went with a company that was NOT running a Buy 2, Get 1 promotion — but simply offered vinyl windows at reasonable prices — you’d actually save money.

For example: You choose a company that sells a window of similar quality, but for $500 a piece and with no promotion. For 12 windows, you’d pay only $6,000. Not only do you get the same quality, but you keep $1,200 in your pocket.

Long story short: The Buy 2, Get 1 free kinds of offers are usually for windows that have inflated prices. This is because the window company has to make a profit; and replacing your windows isn’t a frequent purchase like buying groceries or shopping for clothes. You replace your windows maybe once or twice in your life. Window companies can’t afford to lose money by offering deep discounts, so they simply ratchet up the price of their windows before offering them “for free.”

The Truth About “Installation Discounts”

The same idea applies to this as it does to the Buy 2, Get 1 discount. Some window companies running installation discounts inflate their prices before advertising the special. This way, they’re still making the same amount of money per job, but they’re also bringing in extra business because of the promotion.

Here’s another thing to consider: Since you have no idea how much the company charges for installation to begin with, you have no clue if you’re actually getting a deal. Let’s be honest, do you know the average cost for a company to install a window? Probably not. So there is no way to know if an installation discount is actually a discount.

Are Window Discounts Ever Actually Discounts?

There are companies out there that offer legitimate discounts on windows and window installation in Charlotte. This article simply details the “discounts” that are typically used to trick unsuspecting homeowners into thinking they’re getting a deal… when they are actually paying TOO much.

The best way to know if the discount is actually going to save you money is to research, research, research! Compare prices of different companies and what those companies offer for the money. Even if a window company is offering a discount, is it the best value? Make sure you take the time to determine the best decision.

At Zen Windows, we like to make things easy. Instead of running discounts, we simply provide the RIGHT price up front for window installation in Charlotte.

Since our window quotes are done online, we don’t have an official “sales” process or staff. This means we have lower overhead than many window companies in Charlotte and can provide you with superior replacement windowsfor a truly excellent value.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a few minutes to fill out the form on our Request A Quote page. Once we have your info, we’ll follow up with a firm and accurate quote via email within one business day. There is no sales pitch, and the price we give you is 100% ironclad. Feel free to shop with our quote in mind, and see how it compares to other companies’ prices. We’ll be right here should you decide to move forward with us!

Thanks for reading. We look forward to hearing from you.


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