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Three Window Styles that Highlight Your Views

As a homeowner, the views that you enjoy of your backyard, your neighborhood, or your own private vista may be some of your favorite things about your house. So why not design your windows with views in mind? Whether you are just beginning the building process or it’s time for a renovation, adding in view oriented windows in strategic locations can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall feel and brightness of your home. Here are a few designs that will help take your views to the next level, whether you’re looking for a simple, fixed frame or a new bay window in Charlotte.

Garden Windows Let in the Sun

Garden windows are unique in their structure. They are three-dimensional, popping outwards from the side of the house and having a distinguished upward facing panel that brings in a lot of extra sunlight. These sloped tops allow for water runoff and an architecturally interesting design.

Picture Windows are a Frame to the World

A picture window comes in any shape or size that you want. They generally lack the single or double hung features that allow them to be opened and closed, and instead they are not meant to be opened. Picture windows are highly customizable, and ideal for capturing and framing a unique view.

Bay or Bow Windows Give You the Best of the Outdoors

Three paneled bay or bow windows not only make a great opportunity for a window seat, but their outward extending shape also gives you a feeling of being outside. Bay windows allow for extra space and dramatic light in a home.

Windows can really add that extra something to a room. Find your new bay window in Charlotte by consulting with a professional window installation service, or start thinking about what kind of window designs you’d like to use to capture your view.