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Top 3 Benefits of Casement Windows

Energy efficiency and style combine in replacement casement windows.

For decades, double-hinged windows have reigned uncontested in their place as the most popular replacement window style. Lately, however, replacement casement windows have begun to give these old standards a run for their money. These vertical windows are hinged from the side and open outward, offering a different sort of style and benefits all their own. Interested in casement windows for your own home? Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy.

Versatile Style

If you’re looking for a window that goes with anything, you’re looking for a casement window. On their own they make an elegant statement, but when two or three casement windows are combined, you get extended views and an all different kind of style. You can even place casement windows on either side of another type of window, such as a double-hung window or a fixed window. They work in just about every room of the house. They’re the perfect fit over the kitchen sink or for letting light into the living room or bedroom. You might even prefer casement windows to add ventilation to your attic.

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are the most energy efficient operable windows on the market today. This is in part because they’re so perfect for ventilation. They open out from the side, allowing air to filter in on a fine day like a sail. When closed, they’re sealed completely inside their window frame. No air gets in or out unless you want it to. The result is lower utility bills, fewer drafts, and no window condensation when the winter settles in. Both your home and your wallet will be more comfortable.

Easy Operation

Of course, a replacement window can have all kinds of benefits that mean nothing if they’re a pain to open and close. Fortunately, that’s not the case with casement windows. They open easily to a 90 degree angle through the use of a hand crank. When you want to close them again, it’s just as easy. You can clean both sides of the glass without ever leaving your home, open the window on a nice day to let in some breeze, and close it if storms or cold drafts start to approach.

Want to learn more about the benefits you can enjoy from replacement casement windows? Don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Zen Windows Carolina today for more information or a free quote.