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Sliding Glass Doors Greensboro

Patio doors can make a big impact on your home, particularly when it comes to blending your indoor and outdoor space seamlessly. While French patio doors are still an option, sliding glass doors are the choice that Greensboro homeowners just keep coming back to. Zen Windows is proud to offer our Dharma sliding patio doors, with a number of style options. Here are a few of our favorite benefits about sliding glass patio doors.


We don’t usually think of things made of glass as particularly strong, but at Zen Windows, it’s our job to ensure our windows and patio doors can stand up to the elements. These sliding glass patio doors are made with vinyl, particularly resilient and perfect for the Greensboro climate. The frames won’t warp or contort in the midst of extreme temperature changes. They don’t swell or rot like wood frames might, and they keep their sleek clean look even in the midst of harsh weather.


Expansive glass offers more than simply extensive views of your outdoor space from your living room. All that light flooding into your room can also help you save on lighting during the day. Sliding glass doors are also the perfect patio doors to keep the cold out during the winter months, because they run completely enclosed in their track. That means no drafts get in and no heat escapes out, so your HVAC bills can stay low in both winter and summer.


You don’t have to be shallow to appreciate the looks of sliding glass patio doors. They can offer gorgeous views of your outdoor space that you can enjoy no matter what the temperature. Not only that, but the doors themselves look sleek and modern, easily blending into your home’s aesthetic. Looking for something more classic? Check out our customization options, like decorative glass, woodgrain colored frames or signature handles. If you still prefer the elegance of French doors, don’t worry. You can find a similar look with all the convenience of sliding glass by choosing a Dharma patio door for your home.

If your plan is to find a patio door that can help you create an indoor/outdoor ambiance, add efficiency to your home, and last for years and years, the answer is clear: vinyl sliding glass patio doors. Contact Zen Windows Carolina today for more information or a free quote.

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