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Top Window Trends for Summer

Summer in North Carolina starts early and sticks around for a while, so there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the warm weather. When it comes to home improvements, you might think of decks or pools as summer staples — but your windows can help you enjoy summer, too. If you are planning upgrades to your home in the near future, consider installing the right windows to help you take advantage of the warm weather. These summer window trends can be a great way to get started.

Bring in the Morning Light With Picture Windows

Starting your day early can be the best way to maximize your time during the summer, getting all the hard work done before it really heats up. Add east-facing picture windows to bedrooms to help you wake naturally with the sun. Plus, in the winter, you can enjoy the added warmth of the rising sun.

Keep Your Home Cooler With Low-E Glass

Replace south and west windows with ones featuring low-E glass to help you minimize heat absorption during the daytime, especially on larger windows like picture windows or bow windows. Add blinds or curtains and close them during the day to maximize your air conditioner’s performance.

Add a Window Seat With a Custom Bay Window

If you need to monitor children playing outdoors or just like to take in the view — but you hate the heat — consider adding a large bow or bay window with a built-in window seat. It allows you to keep an eye on the outdoors while remaining cool and comfortable inside.

Keep the Air Moving With a Cross-Breeze

Good ventilation can help you keep your cooling costs to a minimum. Add windows with operable panes on each side of the room and open them during the morning or evening for a cool, comforting cross-breeze. Double-hung, casement, and awning windows all offer excellent ventilation, but awning windows have the added benefit of being able to stay open in the rain with virtually no water intrusion.

Keep the Yard Accessible With a Sliding Door

Whether you are hosting a pool party, having a barbecue, or just enjoying the backyard, a quality sliding door makes access into and out of your home much easier. Plus, it can stay open as you shuffle drinks and food in and out, avoiding unnecessary messes and food waste.

Get Your Garden Started Early

Add a garden window to help you get seedlings started and ready for planting during warm weather. A garden window offers a small greenhouse-like enclosure that extends past your exterior wall, similar to a bay window. With glass on at least three sides, it offers plenty of natural light and a secure, temperature-controlled space for keeping a year-round herb garden, starting summer seedlings, or long-term care of potted plants.

Cool the Kitchen With Double-Hung Windows

With the high temperatures in the Carolinas, it is best to avoid cooking and baking during the daytime in the summer, but that is not always feasible. If you must use the kitchen, consider adding a few large double-hung windows that you can open for ventilation. Add fans to remove the heat quickly.

Replacement Windows in Charlotte & Greensboro, NC

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